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September 16, 2017

IVM Auctions on eBay

I just wanted to let you all be aware of the new eBay auctions I have up right now. As you may heard, I’ve slowly been dropping some of my personal CDs/Music/Movies through ebay auctions in order to raise some funds for Indie Vision Music. Check out the auctions here and please follow my account, I have many more being added over the coming weeks. I can only add so many at a time before my hands start to fall asleep and my eyes glaze over from repetition so bare with me, haha.… Continued →

June 29, 2017

May 23, 2017

More eBay Goodies + Rare Sealed Indie Vision Music CD Lots

I’m still chugging away at selling my collection on Ebay. I’ve got so many CDs to list but I can only do so much each day. I recently added a few different lots/albums today including 2 rare lots of Quick and the Dead CDs and an Indie Vision Music 6 CD Super Lot. I put “15” available of each of these two lots but I have plenty more still sealed in boxes. There is also stuff up from Man Alive, Huntingtons, Ghoti Hook, Juliana Theory, Further Seems Forever, Fold Zandura, Dimestore Prophets, Quayle/Spud Puddle, Watashi Wa, Gameface, Starflyer 59, Four Year Strong, Farside, and tons of Dogwood releases!… Continued →

May 18, 2017

CD Auctions on Ebay to Benefit Indie Vision Music

I have added a bunch of band tshirts, new band specific lots from artists like Dogwood, Forever Changed, Dashboard Confessional, Juliana Theory, Further Seems Forever, and so many more being added each day. There are quite a few “classics” to be found including sealed copies of Sagoh 24/7 first two (and only) releases (band featured members that went on to form Anberlin). Check the auctions out right here. I decided to bypass selling privately and put some stuff on Ebay. It’s easier this way and the best way to maximize earnings to hopefully put towards some IVM related activities in 2017/2018.… Continued →