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June 25, 2013

REVIEW : Brandon Michael Williams presents The Brandonborg Concertos

This is a magnum opus.  And it’s free. The Brandonborg Concertos is an exercise in several different aspects, some musical, some recording, some psychological.  There are 5 movements and these movements are titled: 1. Inspiration 2. Implementation 3. Accumulation 4. Disintegration 5. Assimilation Download it here: http://brandonmichaelwilliams.net/2013/06/the-brandonborg-concertos-out-now-2/ The 5 movements cover a significant spectrum of music.  The first 3 tracks are very classical in nature.  Driven by piano and various sections of a string quartet (if you know anything about concertos, this will make sense), the first 3 movements are enjoyable listens and are recorded raw and in the flesh.  … Continued →

November 12, 2012