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December 24, 2022

August 6, 2022

Song of the Day: Idle Cure - Holy Mountain

So I heard this song back in the day & fell in love with it. Now this is in those days that internet wasn’t around yet & I had no clue how to find it. Years went past & while digging thru Idle Cure’s stuff, whoa I just found my jam!  This is AOR & I get this is a punk site but these lyrics (partially pulling from Psalm 99:9) still ring all these years later. Hope y’all understand what I mean. Have you ever been up to the mountain Have you ever walked on holy ground We can all go without condition The veil’s been torn, there’s love all around The light shines from all directions You’ll cast way your cares Have you ever taken water from the river If you drink you’ll never thirst again It’s all been given to us freely No more servants, we’re called friends The path is narrow, the days are few Let’s walk up to the mountain and turn the old to new Shadows falling, harvest from the light I can feel the power of love Voices singing, praising the Most High Now I know, I’m standing on holy ground Have we lost the heart to worship Have we lost the song of praise Is our walk another chapter Reading words but we never bless His name The path is narrow, the days are few Let’s walk up to the mountain and turn the old to new Come enter in and you will see The temple door is broken free Lift your voice now don’t be shy Lift Him up to be glorified  … Continued →

June 18, 2022

Song of the Day: Ron Collins - Run This Race vs All I Know

Ron Collins was a vocalist from the late 80s/early 90s whose prior band was TwentyTwenty & when this solo album came out, David & the Giants was his backing band. While I was in the military, I sang Run to myself many times while I ran my 2 miles during the physical fitness test. I got a 12:04 twice in a row. All I Know I think is one of the best songs ever & when I heard it on radio I was amazed.   Continued →

June 10, 2022

Song of the Day: The Awakening - Don't Wait for Me

The Awakening was a progressive pop-rock/AOR band from Canada, active in the 1980s–not to be confused with the goth/industrial band from South Africa. This Awakening was poppy enough to be CCM-adjacent (in fact, this is probably the poppiest SOTD I’ve ever featured), but yet had a slight progressive/alternative edge that set them apart from other bands. The band released three albums, culminating in their excellent Into Thy Hands (Reunion Records, 1988). It featured 12 tracks of progressive pop goodness, not too dissimilar to 80s-era Yes. Lyrics were filled with encouraging but never preachy biblical references.… Continued →

January 14, 2022

Song of the Day: David Zaffiro - Diversity

When Bloodgood’s lead guitarist left the band to go solo, fans of the 80s metal stalwarts weren’t entirely sure what to expect. We probably assumed more heavy metal–at least that’s what I expected. And while there is certainly some hard rock (almost glam metal) at times, The Other Side was much broader in scope. The album showcased Zaffiro’s excellent guitar work, as we’d already become familiar with through three albums with Bloodgood: Bloodgood (1986), Detonation (1987, often hailed as the band’s finest effort), and Rock in a Hard Place (1988).… Continued →

April 29, 2014