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May 24, 2022

The Altar Billies - Gone? (New Song + Album Out Now)

One of the best if not, THE best, Rockabilly bands – The Altar Billies, featuring legendary front man, guitarist, and all around “seasoned” songwriter, Mike Stand, is back and with a new album titled “All In”. This is a new song off that album, and it is titled “Gone?”. The song has lyrics that ring especially true and delivered in a poetic fashion with a subtle and somber sound featuring twangy guitar, deep upright bass, and killer drum section. This is a unique sound for the time period we are living in and lyrics everyone needs right now.… Continued →

November 7, 2013

August 19, 2013

REVIEW : Stellar Kart - All In

Pop-punk band Stellar Kart release their new 2013 album 'All In' and one of the most anticipated Christian albums of the year, featuring the hit radio single 'All In (Apologise)', pop anthem 'My Surrender' and the revealing and tongue-in-cheek song, 'Hollywood Reality'. Check out the review.

July 31, 2013