Tag: 90s alternative

January 6, 2024

Song of the Day: Elder - Suddenly Religion vs Sugar Medicine

This band was pretty cool back in high school. One of those you like their sound or hate em. Here is a couple of their songs from 2 different albums they released under the Elder name. Instead of giving y’all tons of info on them-check their background here at this sire.  https://downthelinezine.com/cue/four_living_creatures  And, they totally are from this town I moved to recently I just found out!!!  … Continued →

September 7, 2023

Song of the Day: Poor Old Lu - More vs The Great Unwound

This band was one of my faves back in the 90s. Had a few of their cassettes. Hailing from a church youth group in Washington state, many would know Jeremy Enigk from emo Sunny Day Real Estate who moved on from a pre band name change. Scott Hunter’s vocals set the band apart from many of the 90s alternative rock bands. Anyways, enjoy one from their early career to their last (that I know of).    … Continued →

July 27, 2023

Minor Rockstar release new digital EP through Thumper Punk Records

California band Minor Rockstar just released a five song Wasted EP today through Thumper Punk Records. The band feature a style of rock-n-roll that blends 90s alternative with a touch of punk rock. Their debut single “Wasted” can be streamed at: https://youtu.be/IToO7F8X5gk The full release can also be streamed or downloaded via the Thumper Punk bandcamp page: https://thumperpunkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/wastedContinued →