Tag: 30 Of The Greatest Indie Bands of 2020

August 8, 2021

30 of The Greatest Indie Bands Of 2021

Following up last year’s big Indie List (2020) I am exploring the theme further and dropping some links to what I consider some of 2021’s rising stars. The following list is a mix of new independent bands, recent bands releasing music in the past year, and some oldies as well. This is a LIST unlike any other you’ll read on the internet. My guess is that the majority of you have NEVER heard of the majority of these bands in your life. Well guess what? That is the purpose of a site like this one and my goal is to win you over, to discover new and enlightening music that’ll get your heart pumping regardless of genre Read below for MY list of the 30 greatest indie bands of 2021.… Continued →