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Zombie Gutz - Who's Come'n With Me?

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Band: Zombie Gutz
Title: Who’s Come’n With Me?
Label: Wounded Records


01. Moonpies And Brownie Chocolate
02. Wilkesboro
03. Bo Fever
04. How Does It Go
05. Burned Alive
06. Sold
07. Wacko Jacko
08. Track 7
09. Keep Poundin
10. Dumpzilla
11. Alexander
12. Water Hockey

Ryan C. – Lead Guitar
Ryan H. – Drums
Chase – Vocals
Brandon – Guitar
Van Lowe – Bass/Vocals (currently serving in Iraq)
Joe – Bass (fill-in)

My first thought was man these guys have a great name to design merch for. So many possibilities. Zombie Gutz, hailing from North Carolina bring a southern rock flavor mixing it with metalcore and breakdowns that come with it. After listening through this album I hit play again.

An amusing intro kicks off the album and then blasts right into “Moonpies…” Soon in I get my first brutal breakdown. Immediately following it kicks into a Southern rock n roll riff. Biker metal, complete with guitar solo. I’m so into this song right away, I’m not sure if the rest of the album can compare.

“Wilkesboro” shows forth even more harsh vocals from Chase. This song continues to show some nice guitar work and continues to pummel with excellent breakdowns, which for sure would get a club moving.

“How Does It Go” once again brings a more biker metal feel which gives way to a chugga-chugga verse/chorus. Throw in some nice squeals and another Southern-fried guitar lick and folks we’ve got another great song!! This song finishes off with a metal breakdown.

“Dumpzilla” is another enjoyable track. There’s a lot of styles mixed in this song and I cannot fully describe it. The band manages to have so many switches throughout each song and yet keep your attention and don’t stray too much.”Alexander” has a typical new wave metal feel to it. You really get hammered with the bass drums in this one.

This band will draw attention to the small Wounded label. They have found a band to run with and hopefully they push them as far as they can. Watch out though because you might see Zombie Gutz getting signed bigger off this album. I have listened to this album 10x or so since I received it and will probably end up wearing this disc out at this rate.


Album Art/Design:

Again small budget means basic but Zombie Gutz proves that even without a huge budget you can have a good design. The lyrics are included and a good choice of font instead of the usual styles.


Lighthearted through most, but serious still in some. These guys clearly know how to have a good time and to entertain


“This well oiled machine is a brush hog to your boone docks” (“Track 7”)


With the Southern influenced metalcore & rock making a comeback they certainly can fit in. The nice thing is they only use it occassionally without it being a total production. They bring solid metalcore with some great breakdowns which can fit in with the new wave of metalcore like As I Laying & Still Remains.


I was very impressed with the production on this album. It was able to capture the brutality and heaviness of this album which with lower budget releases is often missed. The bass and percussion were mixed very well and add a lot.


I am a big fan Chase’s vocals. He has a very hardcore, toughguy sounding voice but fits well with this outfit. Background and gang vocals are well placed and not overused.


I enjoyed this album for more than I thought it would. It had all of my essentials for a good heavy album. I found myself screaming along and enjoying every minute of the listen. I’m not sure totally what it is about this band that I like but they certainly have gained a fan and I look forward to hearing more in the future as this bands continues to tour and mature.

Standout Tracks:

“Wilkesboro”, “How Does It Go”, “Dumpzilla”

Similar to: Imperial, Mercury Switch , Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, War Of Ages


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