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Your Eyes My Dreams - Weapons are Useless

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Band: Your Eyes My Dreams
Title: Weapons Are Useless
Label: Indianola
Release Date:
Review By: Josh IndieVision
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01. Deadlocked
02. Complacency Killed The Cat
03. Anna Rebeka
04. The Forecast Calls For Rain
05. When The Going Gets Rough
06. Even An Angel Fell
07. The Bookie Says It’s Time To Pay Yp
08. Treason, War, And The Tyranny Of Evil Man
09. Chasing The Clouds
10. Armistice
11. Society’s Flawed Perspective Of The Truth


Jason Pryor: Vocals
Josh Tuten: Guitar
Brett Walker: Guitar
Mike Messenger: Bass
***Need new drummer*** (David Walker recorded Drums)

I had heard Your Eyes My Dreams a few years ago and kept a distant eye on them ever since. I liked what they had recorded but I wasn’t sure they were into the full time band life. Three years later they have signed with Indianola Records and are ready to pound you into submission. Formed in Dover, Delaware in 2003 the band brings rough, throat tearing vocals and powerful metalcore to the tables. Ground shaking breakdowns are found throughout this metalcore/hardcore blended release (think ALove For Enemies). They mix together all the essentials of sing alongs, gang vocals, vehement breakdowns, and chugga chugga driving riffs.

“Deadlocked” certainly wastes no time as you’re instantly pummeled with pounding machine gun bass drums. This intro is just a breakdown intro stating “Weapons Are Useless”. It’s as if they are warning you not to put up a fight during the impending onslaught. “Complacency Killed The Cat” gives you a good glimpse into what YEMD offers. It incorporates all of their sounds into one package and comes off perfectly.

“The Forecast Calls For Rain” has some sweet metallic breakdowns and riffs about midway through which then gives way to gang vocals and jumps back into a melodic hardcore romp. “Even An Angel Fell” gets about as close to the trendy metalcore out there today with its quick riffage and melodic feel. One of the best, speaker shattering breakdowns is placed here. “The Bookies Say It’s Time To Pay Up” is veracious melodic hardcore.

“Weapons Are Useless” is easily put in my top 5 heavy releases of the year so far. I’ve listened to it almost nonstop since I received it. The passion, the intensity, the ferocity, and the brutality are all welcomed in my stereo. The lyrics come across angry and at the same time seem to attempt to offer hope. These guys live their faith and that is clear.

Standout Tracks:

“Anna Rebeka”, “Even An Angel Fell”, “Chasing The Clouds”

Overall Rating: I’m amazed at this release! There is not one part of this album that I do not completely enjoy. Thankfully the band hasn’t forgot it’s hardcore leanings like many of the so called metalcore bands of today. They utilize upbeat, bouncy rhythms mixed with their unbelievably heavy tone. The melodic parts are well placed and intricately done and never overused. Trust me this is one band who will not be folded into the “emocore” trend that is seemingly all too popular these days.

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: Carson Slovak did a great job on this cover. I really like the theme he presents. Fits extremely well with the feel of the album.

Lyrics: Focused and clear, the band clearly makes their stand. In their bio they state “they strive to spread the word of Christ while playing the music they love.” Yet another excellent edition to the evergrowing Christian metalcore seen. They deal with topics such as the result of people’s rejection of Christ (“The Forecast Calls For Rain”), the fight to keep focus (“Complacency Of The Cat”), and Christ’s faithfulness (“When The Going Gets Rough”).

Marketability: I prefer this band to many of the metalcore acts out there today because they stay heavy throughout. Even in their more melodious clips they don’t back down. I like it when bands don’t give in to what’s cool these days and keeps it true.

Production: Only small complaint I have is that occassionally the vocals sound like their recorded in a can… a bit of an echo or something. Not really noticeable unless you look for it.

Vocals: Throaty and powerful, I can hear Jason’s vocals chords being strained to the point of tearing.

Similar To: ALove For Enemies, Evergreen Terrace, Hatebreed


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