Album Review :
Yaves - History in Progress (Mixtape)

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Artist: Yaves
Title: History in Progress (Mixtape)
Label: Xist Music
Release Date: 5/1/12
Reviewer: Josh Burkey


  1. Wake Up Call
  2. O.D.
  3. Finally On
  4. Cour De Leon
  5. Cold World
  6. I See You
  7. Boomerang
  8. The Facebook Game
  9. Jokes on You
  10. Long Way
  11. Push the Rock
  12. SlingShot Strong
  13. Stay Up
  14. History in Progress
  15. Flee the Scene
  16. IOU
  17. History Continues

When it comes to the scene of Christian Rap now a days, it seems it’s easier and easier to make a name for your self. This is thanks to pioneers like Lecrae, GRITS, DC Talk, KJ-52 and more. It seems so far that 2012 has really been the year of brilliant music & you can now feel free to add the latest effort from Yaves to that list. His new record, History in Progress, is a strong entry for him to really make a name for himself. As you listen to this record, you can certainly hear that that is his goal.

The album opens up on a phone call, of all things, only to be followed by an announcer. This announcer is heard several times throughout the record, saying “History in Progress”. He also states Yaves’ name several times throughout the album, which makes him lose points a bit for a great album contender. However, the album (post phone call and announcement), does start off and deliver the listener solid beats dropped with terrific lyrics.  “Finally On” is the third track on the album, but the first track to really show off Yaves’ rapping & timing skills. Its follow up track, “Cour De Leon”, serves as the first track on this album to feel overplayed and annoying but it isn’t the last time that this happens on the record. You hear it later on “I See You”, “The Facebook Game” & “Jokes on You”.

Don’t think I’m saying this record is full of beats that are overplayed, because its far from it. Yaves brings the heat and packs a punch when it comes to diversity on Progress. For one, not many rappers now a days are using real musicians on their album. It’s mostly done by beat machines. Yaves breaks this barrier and mixes both real musicians with machines to deliver beats that really serve the listener something unique and fresh. “Cold World”, “Boomerang” & “IOU” really captivate this concept of mixing the two worlds.

When it comes to music, passion needs to be seen clearly heard for the listener to know you actually mean what you’re rapping about. Progress delivers just that on several tracks.  “Long Way” is an track that showcases Yaves skills as a passionate rapper & at the same time the track is complemented with chilling lyrics. The track features a haunting and creepy piano melody, that later builds up to a melody from an orchestra. Nothing on this record compares however to its standout track, “Push the Rock”. The track features what sounds like a gospel sample for the chorus. This is put between a couple verses of passionate scripture reading and praise to God. This track holds some of the most breathtaking lyrics on the entire album.

OVERALL: This album is full of diversity for the listener to indulge in. Tracks like “Long Way”, “Boomerang” & “Push the Rock”, definitely make me say pick up this album and listen to it. However, you also too have tracks like “I See You”, “The Facebook Game” & “SlingShot Strong” that fall short a lot of the times. Yaves is definitely a name that I promise will be known.  Great entry from this fellow. This album is strongly recommended! Can’t wait to see what he comes out with next!

RIYL : Trip Lee, Canon, Sho Baraka, Da T.R.U.T.H.