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X-Sinner - Fire It Up

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Band: X-Sinner
Title: Fire It Up
Label: Retroactive
Release Date: n/a
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Fire It Up (Demo)
02. I Take Power
03. Gotta Let Go
04. Rollin Thunder
05. Getch Ya
06. Don’t Go
07. Peer Pressure
08. We Need Love
09. All I Need
10. You Got Me


Rex Scott: Vocals
Rob Kniep: Bass:
Mike Buckner: Drums
Greg Bishop: Guitar

X-Sinner was formed in the mid-1980’s by guitarist Greg Bishop. The band’s first album “Get It” eventually became a classic but was the only album recorded with the original vocalist. Rex Scott was picked up for the second album “Peace Treaty” and helped the band define their sound even more. He is the vocalist heard on this album as well. These songs were intended to be the sophmore album on Pakaderm Records. The band recorded the effort in 1991 in the Pakaderm Studios under the helm of the Elefante brothers, John & Dino. The band was not happy with how the recordings turned out and eventually resulted in the group leaving the label. “Fire It Up” came as a result of Greg going back and re-recording the album in Australia, in 2004, and also adding a new title cut, “Fire It Up” in 2006.

The first track “Fire It Up” is a demo, which was not originally recorded on the Peace Treaty sessions. It leads off the album with a bit of classic southern rock in vein of ZZ Top. I was surprised at first because it definitely differs from the rest of the album but definitely peaks my interest for the new studio album (“Back In Red”) coming in 2007. Good ol’ southern rock never gets old. “I Take Power” sounds like a huge radio rock hit! Ringing guitars and pounding guitars lead the way to a driving guitar riff. Oh man, the attitude of the hair metal days was great and these guys had it down. The singable and harmonized “I Take Power” chorus drives its way into your head and you will no doubt be singing along. “Peer Pressure” definitely shows off their AC/DC influences. At times they do sound very similar but that usually doesn’t last terribly long. A great anthem complete with an amazing guitar solo!

Overall Rating: As a huge fan of many of the early Christian metal and hard rock outfits this album was a great choice for re-release! Catchy, thunderous arena rock covers most of the songs on this album. This album is a must-own for fans or collector’s of early Christian rock. If you’re simply a fan of classic rock in general you need to check this out!

Standout Tracks: “Fire It Up” (Demo), “Rollin Thunder”, “I Take Power”, “You Got Me”

Marketability: This, as with most other Retroactive releases is definitely marketable to older fans of the band and for new fans alike. The band captures the classic rock sound, with anthemic, sing-along choruses and guitar leads. I had previously been a fan of this band, but the re-recorded stuff here sees the band’s vision finally come true.

Similar To: AC/DC, Def Leppard, Krokus


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