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Writer - Blood Drops

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Artist: Writer
Album: Blood Drops
Label: None (released independently)
Release Date: August 29, 2008
Reviewer: Eric Pettersson

1. Matthew
2. Anymore
3. Don’t Wake the Sun
4. Try and Stop Me
5. Start a War
6. Where I Was
7. Blood Drops

I know I said this for their 7” a few months ago, but when you see an album is mixed and mastered by Jason Martin of Starflyer 59, you know to expect something good. It seems that everything this man touches turns to gold. Not that he alone is responsible for the solid, creative sounds on “Blood Drops.” The three gentlemen in Writer formulate a thick indie-rock that is darkly poetic and wonderfully catchy. The first track, “Matthew,” is a soft acoustic song that could easily appeal to fans of Connor Oberst or David Bazaan, while “Don’t Wake the Sun” is much more upbeat with an old-school guitar sound that layers well with the strong bass line and prominent but slightly unpolished vocals. Whether slow or fast, the whole album has a foot-stomping feel in the vein of Wilco or The Snake the Cross the Crown, from the bluesy folk guitar parts to the almost punk cadence of the title track, complete with a loud, large group singing the bridge. “Blood Drops” comes across with the gentle warmth and closeness of an old friend, with hints of the pain, misery, and relief that go along with telling that old friend all your deepest secrets.

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