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Woodale - Finish What You Started

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Band: Woodale
Title: Finish What You Start
Label: [none]
Release Date: Out Now!!
Review by: Josh IndieVision


01. Here
02. Listen For Me
03. She’s Got A Way
04. Baby, I can’t Wait
05. Keep Driving


Matt: Lead Vocal, Guitar
Ryan: Drums
Tom: Bass
Dubs: Guitar, Piano, BGV’s
Adam: Guitar, BGV’s

The EP starts off with “Here”, the piano and vocals really stand out on this track. The first verse stays on the softer side and then the backbone of bass and drums kick in. My first taste of Woodale was a pleasant one!

Off to track #2, “Listen For Me”. The first line is“Listen for me on the radio” and I believe they have it right. This could definitely be a single but chances of that are slim due to no label support. The track brings a more bouncy feel to it and it super catchy!

She’s Got A Way, heads back to the sound “Here” brought. A driving, yet soulful track, filled in yet again with piano. Another song dealing with young love, Matt’s vocals bring a trueness to his lyrics. It doesn’t come off cliche or manufactured to garner fans.

“Baby, I Can Wait” steps into an upbeat track filled to the brim with pop sensibility. Another great example showing where this band could go.

Thankfully, Woodale brings enough to the table to separate them from the groups they will be inevitably lumped together with. With many cookie-cutter type groups out there this will certainly help their ability to stand out amongst the crowd. I look forward to what I view as an inescapable fact, a label signing soon. I want to see where this band can go from here. With a reliable label behind them this band could take off.

Standout Tracks:

“Here”, “Baby, I Can’t Wait”

Overall Rating: How these guys have not been signed blows me away! “Finish What You Start” is 5 of the best heartfelt melodic pop-rock songs I’ve heard in quite awhile. We all know how big this genre is getting right now. It is consistently cranking out chart topping artists and Woodale just might be the next to blow up.

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: The design had a couple of cool pictures but that’s about all there was to it. Understandably so being an independent release. No lyrics included.

Lyrics: The usual relationship related songs. Easy to learn and sing along with.

Marketability: Not much more to say than what I’ve already said. This band is primed to takeover your stereo!

Production: I was extremely surprised by the quality of this recording. I figured from being an independent EP that it would show the potential but I didn’t assume it would capture the band’s sound. I was gladly mistaken and would be hard-pressed to find standout flaws.

Vocals: Great lead vocals, that definitely show the true emotions of the songs. Backup vocals and harmonization are dead on.

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