Album Review :
Within The Red - Take This Offering

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Band: Within The Red
Title: Take This Offering
Label: N/A
Release Date: February 26, 2009
Review By: Scott L


01. Nothing Alone
02. The Way I’ll Be
03. Clean Again
04. Ashes
05. Glorious

Within the Red is a 4-piece out of Manning, South Carolina that I’m assuming takes it’s name from the message of the gospel found in the words of Christ… which are typically printed in red ink. “Take This Offering” is a 5-song EP that’s all about modern rock with a heart to worship God. Within the Red would fit in well sharing the stage with bands such as Kutless or Jonah 33. But less industrialized than Kutless. And less one-hit wonder, blah, blah, blah than Jonah 33. Style-wise you could think of them as kind of a Christian version of Nickelback, if you will. Driving rhythms. Galloping guitars. And gritty, passionate vocals. These ingredients, along with an excellent mix, really propel this release. The production of this EP is just spot on perfect.

Lyrically, this release is outstanding. Deep and resonant. A heart’s cry for spiritual strength. And a plea for turning to Jesus for salvation as well as answers to life’s problems. Within the Red is certainly not beating around the bush. Consider the song “Clean Again”, which begins, “sunrise / dark skies / I realize / You’re all around me / You are holy / I am nothing / and everything I bring / is filthy before You Lord / the mistakes I’ve made / I can’t erase / how do You love me anyway / take this offering / it’s all I have to give”. The gospel is presented boldly through the songs and Within the Red don’t shy away from mentioning Jesus by name.

These guys know that hooks aren’t only for writing catchy music. They’re also for answering the call to be fishers of men. But I’ll let them elaborate on that… “Sometimes the storms of life come and strip away all you thought you ever wanted, to reveal, as the sun climbs from behind the dark clouds, that the only things left are the only things you truly need. Based out of South Carolina, Within the Red’s journey is one centered often times in struggles, pain, restoration and new beginnings… faith to leave their own plans behind to follow the dreams of a God who’s proven faithful over and over again… the result… a progressive, acoustic rock blend with a unique edge, emerging from a heart refined by the fire of an awesome God who loves and carries us through anything.”

Choosing a standout track was a tough call. But I think “Nothing Alone” has to take it. It opens the EP and you know immediately that you’re gonna dig it. And as I’ve no doubt said before, I’m big on first impressions. As a close second though, “Ashes” was right up there too.

Overall: These guys do pretty much everything right. If you’re into modern rock with a vision to praise God and touch hearts through music, Within the Red is just what you’re looking for.