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With Shaking Hands - Armor of Light

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With Shaking Hands - Armor of Light

Band: With Shaking Hands
Album: Armor of Light ep
Label: Unsigned
Release: 6/10/12
Reviewer: Brody B

  1. Creation
  2. Still Waters
  3. Arma Lucius
  4. Better Than Gold
  5. Absente Lucis
  6. Still Waters (acoustic)

To anyone who knows me relatively well, it is no secret that I tend not to like my metalcore mixed with any sort of electronics. It usually comes off as ridiculously cheesy and unprofessional, no matter the band. With Shaking Hands however, have changed my mind a bit and allowed me to lighten up a bit as far as “electronicore” goes.

While nothing original, With Shaking Hands have an experienced sound that allows them to pull of the electronics without seeming like they are trying to cash in on a current trend. Still Waters and Arma Lucius best exemplify the overall sound of the band. Part simple, high energy metalcore, part obligatory but expertly performed clean vocals, and all parts fun, the band occasionally sprinkles borderline dub step samples into the mix.

Still Waters takes no risks, and comes barreling at the listener like an enraged rhino after the slow intro of Creation, only pausing momentarily for clean sung choruses. The electronics remain mild and can only really be heard in select places. Arma Lucius makes up for that, coming across at a electronic song with metal written around it as opposed to its’ predecessor. The synths around the 30 second mark are some of the best on the album as they sound like Skrillx disc jockeying a Texas in July show.

For as much as I found myself loving the first two tracks on the album, Better Than Gold and Absente Lucis failed to hit their mark with me. The former came off as the electronics being overused with an abundance of singing that toed the line on being too whiney. Absente Lucis seemed to outlive its’ welcome and to to the point where it merely felt as though it was dragging on a bit, needing to end sooner than it did.

Overall: While about half the record failed to really grab me, the other half truly caught my attention and had me wanting more of that perfect blend of electronic and hardcore elements. I feel as though it will take the band some more time to fully develop their sound and get the mixture down 100% of the time. While “Armor of Light” was not perfect, it gets me excited to hear the full length these guys have got cooking.

RIYL: Sky Eats Airplane, A Bullet For Pretty Boy, The Browning