Album Review :
We Set Fire - Deliverance EP

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Band: We Set Fire

Title: Deliverance – EP

Label: Unsigned

Release Date: 2009

Review By: Steve

Track listing:

  1. Death Of A Hero
  2. Deliverance
  3. Crossing The Mason-Dixon
  4. Clarity
  5. Ultimate Obliteration Technique

We Set Fire is yet another young metalcore band that sounds years ahead of their age.  We Set Fire is a five-piece metalcore band out of Sacramento, California that is now touring the southwest with ALLORNOTHING.  I do not know what it is with these young men being able to play so well at such young ages.

We Set Fire likes to mix in some clean vocals with some raw brutal screams, but I am not sure I really like the clean vocals mixed in.  Do not get me wrong the clean vocals are on key and Mike and Josh have great voices, but in my opinion the clean vocals don’t quite fit in with the ferocity and brutality with which they play.  I guess I am saying, they feel too out of place in my opinion.  Mike’s brutal screams leave you begging for more because they are very good. Nonetheless, there are enough brutal screams to keep you satisfied.

Instrumentally, these young men can really play.  While this is nothing new in the metalcore genre, We Set Fire plays with great passion and intensity.  Deliverance is full of heavy breakdowns and amazing guitar riffs that are sure to please every metal fan.  Like most metal bands, We Set Fire makes good use of the double bass pedal that sends some much-appreciated hard-hitting pulses of bass through your speakers.  My favorite track on Deliverance is “Death Of A Hero.”  In my opinion, this track best displays everything that makes We Set Fire such a brutal force.  They really get the instruments and the growls down in this track.

Almost all of Deliverance’s lyrics seem to have a few common themes, which are calling out to God in times of need and speaking out against evil in times of spiritual warfare.  In “Death Of A Hero” Mike screams at the end, “Someone save me / cause I have learned that this is not the turn / that I want to take to direct me / away from all of evilness / let death take my enemies by surprise / let them go down alive to the grave / since evil will find home among them.”

Overall: this is a solid debut EP from a young band that definitely has tons of potential.  Despite my feelings about their clean vocals, this album is sure to please most metalcore fans.  The guitar work is great and the screams and growls are top notch.