Album Review :
Watchers and Hunters - Fallen But Not Forgotten

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Band: Watchers and Hunters

Title: Fallen But Not Forgotten

Label: Unsigned

Release Date: September 17, 2010

Review By: Joshua Clark

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Exodus
  3. So Child Let Me Lead
  4. Our Vengeance
  5. The Monster We Feed
  6. These Final Days

Coming out of Hollister, California, Watchers and Hunters is a Christian hardcore band that was formed in mid 2009. Their bio states that they wanted to start something with meaning and purpose that they could show the world. “That purpose was to show the world that God loves everyone on this planet.” Through their heavy songs with their own style of praise and worship I think this band is well on their way to achieving that goal.

This album starts off with a fairly long track intro track which is titled “Intro”, with a lot of cool synth beats and sounds, that later drop into some heavy chords at the end of the song. What I get with this track is everything was great and pure before man fell to sin, which I base this off of the first few lines in the next track talking about the fall. Since those tracks blend in together seamlessly that’s the connection I made. But anyway I really like this intro track and it’s a great way to start off the album.

The album then keeps up the pace and booms right into “Exodus,” with some intense high-pitched hardcore screams then switching to some deeper, brutal vocals. This song has a really nice switch of high and deeper pitched screams. The instruments are stellar with some amazing heavy riffs, and a solid rhythm section from the bass and drums. I love how this song lyrically starts with man being flawed and helpless and then through the track realizing that God is the one we need. That is quite a bit of ground covered in one track and is done really effectively too. My favorite line from this song:

“You are my God the only one willing/ you sent your son to take away all our pain/ once you died upon that cross/ once you died once you died upon that cross”

The onslaught continues with “So Child Let Me Lead.” This track continues on from the first by barraging you with the bands skillful heavy style of playing, not wasting anytime pummeling your ears into submission. The heavy vocals fit well with the music here and there are also some well-placed background vocals as well. Then the lyrics have a great message spread throughout., like this chunk here:

“When you call my name/The ground will shake and my people will cry in pain/

Don’t you fear my wrath for your breath is in my hands my hands/I can save you from all the lies and deceit /From all the lies and deceit/Wake up and keep pushing for I will come like a thief in the night”

In “Our Vengeance” there is a brutal breakdown, with some intense screams. This is a passionate song talking about fighting for the future and changing this generation, by paving a way for the future. This is quite effective since every track is not filled with multiple breakdowns, making this one stand out.  The onslaught continues with” The Monster We Feed,” which has some sweet alternating between a cool distorted effect and guitar riffs that switches to a nice drum roll.  This song offers up another great message, that talks about how only Christ can save us from that monster we have spurred on within us.

The last track, “These Final Days,” is one of my favorites off of this EP both lyrically and musically. The music is heavy like all the other songs, but this one sticks out a little more, with some unique riffs and just has a bit of a different sound. Offering some varying screams, and even a spoken passage. This is a very well done song. The lyrics are stellar on this song. It is a heartfelt cry about needing God in life, through Him we are truly saved, and that living for him is worth fighting for, since one day he will be returning. This line really stood out to me:

“This world is full of traps to deceive and break our relationship with our heavenly father/ but hold on, hold on until he comes back for his children/ the children he died for on that day on Calvary when they pierced his side that was for you and I so never lose your faith because your faith will never loose you”

As great as all these tracks are they run together a bit, but separately they really are some excellent hardcore tracks. That’s one of the few weaknesses of this album, is that not all of the tracks can stand out on their own. But this isn’t too big a complaint when as individual tracks they are pretty strong and quite enjoyable. My biggest complaint though, is that this EP is too short. Once it ended I was ready for more, with the 6 tracks barely being over 20 minutes in length. But this EP shows a ton of talent and potential. They already have a pretty solid sound and decent production, so I’m really looking forward to where these guys go in the future.

Overall: For a brand new unsigned band, there is so much to love about this band. They seriously have got me hooked. Sure they’re not the freshest band out there, but they are pretty darn good at the sound they do have. They have a great sound and some pretty solid vocals. Then with their clear hearts for God, with these ridiculously deep lyrics, there is a lot to love here. Hearing these truths throughout the album of the pain of a fallen world, that is in desperate need of a savior, and his undying love, power and grace, all the while the passion of standing against the enemy. This is truly some deep stuff that you don’t hear from every other band. So if heavy music and deep spiritual messages are up your alley this is an album to check out.

And why wouldn’t you check this out when the band is giving this EP away for free!? The band has their EP up here: or you can check their Facebook post that has the same link: