Album Review :
Veritas - Bull Neck EP

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Band: Veritas
Title: Bull Neck EP
Label: Independent
Release Date: Summer 2010
Reviewer: Shawn H.


  1. Avast! The Scourge of Facebook!
  2. Gospel Karaoke: A Night at the Wanca House
  3. Nice Guys Finish Last, Sorry Buddy!
  4. The Secret Service Doesn’t Like Prank Phone Calls


It seems that the most talented musicians tend to flock to Nashville to help broaden the careers & horizons.  I’m not sure if these guys are originally from that area, but they are currently in a great place. The up-front lyrics like “But the truth is unavoidable; That the world is run by sin” shows that these guys are not afraid to be real with their audience. Influences of artists such as Take It Back is evident on this album.  These guys aren’t afraid to experiment with awesomeness & it clearly shows on their songs. Hopefully we will hear a re-release of this album in 3-4 years on Facedown Records when their fan following becomes international.