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Ursa Robotica - The Memory Trigger

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Band: Ursa Robotica
Title: The Memory Trigger
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: May 2011
Reviewer: Shawn H.


  1. Intro
  2. The Price Of Ignorance Is Not Worth The Convenience
  3. The Distance Between Inches And Miles
  4. The Aesthetic
  5. Beneath The Moonlight
  6. Interplanetary Stoplight
  7. Dead On The Dancefloor
  8. Pretty Mayhem
  9. The Things That Keep Us Awake


Ursa Robotica isn’t for the faint of heart. Originally beginning as a side project to unknown band Skeletal Lightning, Ursa Robotica became a 2 piece electronica/dance/screamo group in 2008 and released a full length album called “Dischord and Dancefloors” in early 2009. Since then Paul has moved on to other things and Ursa is once again a solo act of Chris Works, putting out not screaming harsh electronica but soft and danceable synth pop.


When Chris W. originally approached me to review his new album, I was a bit leery. I’m not the biggest Electronica, but I felt that reviewing this album would certainly help me appreciate the genre much more. The lyrical content brought forth on this album is clean, which much of it being ideas of romance.

Had this album only been instrumental songs, I’d have said it was a mediocre/generic Electronica effort. What truly makes this album a work of art is the underlying tone that the multi-instruments bring to the lyrical content.

Now dance over here,
You’ll do as you’re told,
And dance over there,
Here’s a prop to hold,
Make sure you can see,
The thing we’re selling,
We could care less,
You’re just money.

The lyrics above, from the track “Dead On The Dancefloor”, are a constant reminder of how the music industry has made of some of us a pawn in it’s world.

The subtle use of Auto-Tune comes as a positive aspect to the overall production of the album.  Upon finding out that Corey Pigg (of Farewell Scene) had mixed & mastered this album, I was glad to see the final product released was one of such great quality & workmanship.


Ursa Robotica’s The Memory Trigger is a great addition to anyone’s library of music. The many years of slowly maturing their sound is vividly apparent on this latest project. They may not take over the Electronica world with this album, but they’ll surely keep a constant presence in this every changing genre. 

RIYL: PlayRadioPlay, And Then There Were None, Joy Electric, Brothers Martin

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