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Ultimatum - Into The Pit

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Artist: Ultimatum
Album: Into The Pit
Label: Retroactive Records
Genre: Metal (Thrash/Speed Metal)
Release Date: November 2007
Reviewer: Dale H

Track List
* One for All
* Exonerate
* Deathwish
* Blood Covenant
* Heart of Metal
* Wrathchild
* Transgressor
* Blink
* Blind Faith
* Into the Pit
* Game Over

This is a long over do review for me since I picked this album as the best album of 2007!! Thrash metal happens to be one of my favorite metal genres and that`s what you will get with Ultimatum These guys have been around for 15 years and never have slowed down that`s why I like this new album..These guys don`t let time change the style of thier music..

After many delays, “Into the Pit” was released at the end of 2007. The CD has eleven songs, including the four that appeared on “…’til the End!” EP All four tracks where re-recorded in some cases slightly changed where made to the song

If a heavy guitar sound was everything that mattered then “Into the Pit” would be a certain winner added with Scott Waters killer voice is outstanding! His style may not be for everyone, but extreme metal fans are likely going to love this.. Fans of Accept, Exodus and Overkill will love this new album. Add with every song sports a crunchy sound, with Roberts signature guitar-tone as a main focus

The “Heart Of Metal”. This song is already a classic! In fact It`s a great metal anthem song for Christian or secular music scene..As for the Wratchild (Iron Maiden cover) this was great to listen to. I have not heard this song in a long time and these guys did a awesome job on it… Iron Maiden would be proud of them.. But on a serious note “One For All”, “Deathwish” and “Blind Faith” these songs have the message of God and are the basis of the music on the album!

Let`s pray we don`t have to wait 6 years for a new album!!!!

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