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Transition - Get There

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Band: Transition
Album: Get There
Label: Floodgate Records
Releases: May 9th, 2006

Transition will be new to most people, however they’ve been under the radar for awhile independently releasing two independent albums. (Including the extremely impressive “Sunset Wakeup” which by the way can be ordered from the band’s merch site). Having listened to that album and seeing they had signed with Floodgate I was looking forward to this release. Then finding out Mike Herrera (frontman: MxPx) was at the helm producing only doubled my interest.

I’ll be honest and say that I went straight to the fourth track #4 featuring Mike Herrera, because well I have always been a huge MxPx fan. I was completely in to this cd from this song. The production is stellar and the vocals combination is dead on. The song uses the normal approach of a more mellow verse and more explosive chorus and it clearly works.

Anyways, back to the first track, “Excusable”, which they had recently released a video for. Clearly a great single with an extremely catchy singalong chorus:

“Let’s go back to Bayside/ Throw worry to wayside
Share stories of our lives/ When we were so excusable”

Clearly a contender for the second single release would be “Carolina”, a track which actually had been released on the Sunset Wakeup album. I could see this on the radio or one of the video stations and gaining great popularity. “Give And Take” is the ballad of the album. They slow it down a bit and Daniel gives a softer vocal approach. Following that comes the title track “Get There” which clearly follows up where “Carolina” ended, bringing yet another feel good singalong hit.

Many of the tracks throughout the album remind me of prior pop punk bands. I do think that Transition is still able to keep true to themselves, while still following the lead of bands of the past. I’m not one to attack bands for following influences, like many are. If it’s not a blatant ripoff why wouldn’t a band play what they like. They’ve picked up and moved beyond their release “Sunset Wakeup” and have stepped up to be a contender for top pop-punk release of the year.

This is my feel good album of the summer! This cd takes me back to my younger years. Years spent listening to MxPx, Value Pac, New Found Glory, The Ataris, Hangnail, etc… Driving along with friends and singing out tunes with the windows down. Set aside the Ataris last release, there hasn’t been a release like this, for me, in years. I’m glad to see a reemergence of pop punk in the Christian market. There for sure was a lull but now with bands like Olivia The Band, EleventySeven, and now Transition there is a bright future!!!

Standout Tracks:
“Excusable”, “The Issue”, “Air We Breathe”

Similar to: The Ataris, Anberlin, Terminal

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