Album Review :
Torn from Red - The Heart Beat EP

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Artist: Torn from Red
Album: The Heart Beat EP
Label: None (released independently)
Release Date: June 23, 2007
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. We All Die Young
2. Not Tonight
3. Heart Beat
4. Forever
5. This Love

With heavily charged guitars and loud and fast drumming, this four piece from York, PA, showcase a sound that lies somewhere between MxPx, Story of the Year, and The Early November. And be warned, it’s a grower, for sure. My first few spins found nothing spectacular, just another energetic punk-infused rock group with moderately loud vocals but a reasonably accessible sound. But as I gave it one last close listen to write this review, I somehow tapped into the deeper potential of this EP. Maybe it was the great gang vocals and lead guitar in “Not Tonight,” or maybe it was the slightly slower and passionate sing-along “Heart Beat.” Then again, it could have been the epic crescendo at the end of “Forever” or the fantastic southern rock flavored guitar licks in “This Love.” Either way, it’s not a big deal what it was. What matters is only that it was. And oh, how it was! For those of you who wish that Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance hadn’t sold out, maybe you can find a combined replacement in Torn from Red.



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