Album Review :
To Tell - So Much More

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Band:To Tell
Title: So Much More
Label: Independent
Release Date: June 19th 2010
Reviewer: Shawn H.


  1. March Eight
  2. In For A Surprise
  3. She’s The One
  4. Safe To Say
  5. The Life I Know
  6. The Problem
  7. Phonebook
  8. Giving It Back
  9. There Was Ever Something Better
  10. Down & Out (feat. Hello Kelly)
  11. And You Still Call Me
  12. Change Me Now

Mini-Biography (from MySpace):

Can you remember the last time you were blown away by a performance? Can you remember a time when the goal of a band was to entertain and to make the audience laugh and have fun? Can you remember when music was about remarkable skill and catchy lyrics? Allow us to introduce you to To Tell. To Tell is the musical journey of the young talent Zach Havens as his striking music and live shows send tremors through airwaves and speakers everywhere. His recently released debut EP entitled “The sun is up and so am I,” was engineered/mixed by Siegfried Meier (The Salads, Holly McNarland, Kittie), and mastered by Troy Glessner (Underoath, Emery, Anberlin). This brand new piano-driven pop/rock album is sure to keep toes tapping and hearts soaring through 5 skillfully crafted, energetic songs. Classically trained as a pianist, Zach has taken the great accomplishments and awards that he has experienced throughout his teens and focused towards bringing something never heard before in the music industry. His music, played on numerous radio stations throughout North America and Australia, has been inspired by several years of playing in bands, and continues to push the envelope of his own unique sound. Inspired by acts such as Emery, The Rocket Summer, Ben Folds, and a host of others, this solo performer exhibits an amazing, upbeat, and entertaining show. By combining his irresistibly danceable songs with his virtuosic piano ability, To Tell is all about having fun and making a difference to those who hear his music.


Zach has come a long way since the days of his early demos. So Much More, his debut full-length album is definitely a step in the right direction in retrospect to his EP, The Sun Is Up and So Am I. The progression of keys used in all his tracks shows that his classical piano lesson in his younger years did not go to waste. The lyrical content we find on most of the tracks comes from experiences within his relationship with his now fiancee Brittanie. Nothing beats genuine love lyrics that come from deep within the soul.

Zach went into the studio with a full band for this album & it definitely shows a more rounded out sound. Every track has a genuine vibe to it. The night & day efforts brought forth by this artist will surely not go unnoticed upon release of this album, as the raw energy is evident on each track.

To Tell’s fan base is mostly located in Canada. The radio-friendly hits that encompass this CD will surely change that, & hopefully we will see this artist’s growth create an even more amazing sophomore album.