Album Review :
Tim Mann - The Dream is Ended; This is The Morning

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Band: Tim Mann
Title: The Dream is Ended; This is The Morning
Label: Independent
Release Date: September 2010
Reviewer: Shawn H.


  1. Where We Lay Our Scene
  2. Our Hope Is Real
  3. Stronger
  4. You Are Mighty To Save
  5. Oh The Love
  6. Great Is The Lord
  7. Glory To Our God
  8. Oh God, Our Refuge
  9. Won’t You Please Come Home (A Song For The Lost)
  10. You Are Holy (Reprise)

Mini-Biography (from MySpace):

Tim Mann is a dynamic worship leader, committed to seeking out the heart of God through music and song. Tim pursued his love for music from a young age, and after high school graduation, he travelled to Scotland for a year to do worship and youth ministry in a church in Aberdeen. When he returned, Tim decided to enroll in the then-obscure Hillsong College in Australia. He spent one year in Sydney in the Worship and Creative Arts program at the college.

Returning to Canada, Tim spent the next few years volunteering in churches with their youth and worship ministries, and traveled throughout the province leading worship. Tim’s desire to truly begin to step into the worship calling on his life led him to follow his heart in 2009 when he self-recorded his debut EP: “forweallhaveapart”. This album, released in November, did not satiate his soul for long: he began making plans to take further steps to record a full length album. In July 2010, Tim recorded “The Dream is Ended; This is The Morning”, set to be released in September 2010.

Behind Tim Mann’s music you hear his heart: a steady and obvious heart beat that longs to know the heart of God. Song-writing goes beyond Tim just choosing to express his creativity. It is the way he knows how to communicate what God has done and is doing through him. Tim’s foremost desire is to release worship that changes lives, hearts, and the spiritual climate. His firm belief is that worship after God’s heart can change the atmosphere and the nation.

Tim’s first full-length record, “The Dream is Ended; This is The Morning”, is a faithful step towards what God has purposed for Tim’s life. The album title is a unique pull from a CS Lewis classic. In the final pages of The Last Battle, Lewis writes,  “The term is over; the holidays have begun. The dream is ended; this is the morning”.  In context, the quotation can be interpreted as to how real and beautiful heaven will be compared to what we experience in the here and now: our present reality. To Tim, it also speaks of the fact that when you give your life to Christ, your old life feels like a dream and your new life in Him feels like you have woken up. When you encounter the redemptive power of the cross, you view life so differently that the old one feels as far away as a dream. Your new life is present and real.

Tim’s hope is that his music glorifies God and inspires Christ followers to start living for God like it really matters. He desires to affect change in those who know Christ, and that his music also draws others to a real knowledge of Christ: that their dream would end, and morning would come.


I will be honest. Worship music isn’t my favorite type, but it is enjoyable to listen to sometimes. This latest musical project from Tim Mann was something easy to listen to & enjoy. His passion for raw worship is evident on tracks such as “Stronger” & “Our Hope Is Real”.  This album draws lots of similarities to NineOFive, another music project that Tim is involved in. Tim brings forward a vibrant passion & thirst for the face of God with every lyric that is sung on this album. The vibe felt on this CD is evident that this worship album is from a seasoned worship leader with many years of experience. Every song makes you want to fall into the grace of God.