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Tiffany Thurston - Tiffany Thurston EP

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Artist: Tiffany Thurston
Title: Tiffany Thurston EP
Label: Bloom Records
Release Date: 11/22/11
Reviewer: Jonathan Andre


  1. Wake Up
  2. Brave (with Manwell Reyes of Group 1 Crew)
  3. Higher

Hawaiian native Tiffany Thurston has been a backup singer for Dove Award winning artist Natalie Grant for many years, working alongside her as well as being a worship pastor at her home church in Honolulu, Hawaii. Releasing her albums Life in 2007 and Worship in 2010; Tiffany is back with her 3 song EP titled Tiffany Thurston EP. With her infectious pop-rock sound similar to Francesca Battistelli and Natalie Grant herself, Tiffany has created 3 musical moments of hope and surrender as listeners are encouraged to take a stand for Christ in their everyday lives. With a range of musical styles from pop to dance to a slow ballad, Tiffany has created a collection that is a must for any CCM fan!

‘Wake Up’ is the first song on the EP, and starts with an engaging guitar and keyboard hook as we are met with a electro-pop melody speaking of waking up to the glory of God, giving our days the best that we have as we live life unashamed for Jesus. As Tiffany boldly encourages us to ‘…wake up, time is running out…’, we are reminded of the one life we live and that every day is a precious gift, used wisely for the glory of God. What a sobering reminder of our own mortality, and how we ought to live our lives for the God who longs for us to spend eternity with Him. Well done Tiffany for this encouraging and thoughtful track!

Both ‘Higher’ and ‘Brave’ are well-executed songs of perseverance and triumph as Tiffany gives listeners an encouragement that ‘…it’s time to be brave…’ (‘Brave’), also showing that God’s ways are ‘…higher than we know…’ (‘Higher’). Starting off with a strong percussion beat, ‘Brave’ employs the rapping skills of Group 1 Crew frontman Manwell Reyes, in a track full of fun energy and enthusiasm as we are shown courage in full flight as Tiffany describes the moment in which we jump into the unknown, that ‘…sometimes it feels so hard to breathe…’ Understanding that God is always in control of every moment, we have the courage to be brave and dive in, knowing that whatever happens, the Lord will use everything to His glory. Moving on from this theme is the last song ‘Higher’, and how it is the most difficult moments that we live through that brings out the best in our faith, knowing that our trials and tribulations continue to shape our continual trust in the Lord. Presented as a soft acoustical ballad, Tiffany sings out ‘…in sorrow I find new strength, that comes in the valley of pain, breaking the program of me, in these moments I see: Your ways are higher…’, we are met with the revelation that in the valleys, God is right there, and though we may not understand the reasons why, God is our healer, and because of this, we can shout out ‘…pull me together, Your grace never ceases…’ Well done Tiffany for these two songs of praise and reassurance!

Overall: With her third musical offering showcasing more musical and lyrical diversity and deepness; Tiffany is sure to gain a few fans through these three songs, with a genre similar to Francesca Battistelli and Natalie Grant. Certain to obtain a record deal in the near future, Tiffany has crafted some of her best songs in her career as she exposes her vulnerabilities to create a humble piece of musical art that is sure to speak to many listeners around the world. Well done Tiffany for such an emotive experience!

RIYL: Natalie Grant, Kerrie Roberts, Jaci Velasquez, Francesca Battistelli

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