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Thyne Scabbard - Redemption

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Band: Thyne Scabbard
Title: Redemption
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Enter Thyne Realm
02. The King of Abandon
03. Hordes of the Shadow
04. Unwaking Hour
05. The Decapitation of Fallen Angels
06. A Demon Bloodbath
07. Reaching Out With Broken Fingers
08. Lies, Lust and Redemption
09. To Those Who Cursed Me
10. Bleeding Tears of Torment
11. Spy Hunter


Sky “Fire” Heydecke – Vocals
Dylan Bloodshed – Guitar
Chris Garcia – Guitar
Travis Robidoux – Drums
Isaac Merfalen – Bass

Originally Thyne Scabbard was began, in 2002, as a side project of a few bands. Thankfully, T.S. survived the other breakups because this band quickly has become one of my favorites. The band is ruthless and pummeling, blending many different styles into a uncompromising punishment to your ears.

The album begins with an eery intro, which reminded me of when I was young and watching Unsolved Mysteries. A voice in the background calls you into the battle. If the intro was the call to war, “The King Of Abandon” certainly jumps right into the thick of battle. Catchy guitar riffs, give way to speed and the menacing rage this bands shows. “Hordes Of The Shadow” is one of the more appealing tracks to mainstream metalcore fans. It’s a little more accessible in nature but still keeps it heavy and fast.

The band really does not let up at all throughout this album. Although using similar styles the band mixes things up and keeps it fresh each time. From wall-shaking breakdowns, to quick riffage, to thunderous double-bass pounding, this band has delivered a great original sounding, debut release to the metal masses.

Standout Tracks:

“The Decapitation Of Fallen Angels”, “To Those Who Cursed Me”, “Spy Hunter”

Overall Rating: Thyne Scabbard is certainly a band to watch and has my full support. With an underground of Christian metal bands bubbling just under the radar they can be one of the leaders. This band proves they can hold their own and throughout this release they show they can play fast, hard, and brutal metal and also stay true to their faith lyrically.”Redemption” is only the beginning of a hopefully bright future for them.

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: I like the dark feel of the booklet’s design. The artwork on the front is not the best I’ve seen but fits the feel of the rest of the design. The band pics are a bit cheesy and I would have done that different. Good font work.

Lyrics: Harsh and bold. The lyrics are a call to repentance and also an encouragement to those believers out there. They give the feel similar to The Showdown’s debut album and are quite enjoyable to read through. They deal with topics of betrayal, spiritual warfare, and offerings of praise & worship.[All lyrics included]

Marketability: Thyne Scabbard have many things to offer. They are not your typical metalcore band topping the charts today. Often bringing a much harsher sound of European black and death metal, they don’t often give in to catchiness. However they have mixed in elements of hardcore, with thunderous breakdowns which I thought would blow my speakers if they kept up. Any hard label would be smart to pick these guys up!

Production: For an independent release the production was great. With a bigger budget they could have certainly tightened a few things and cleaned up others but I was immensely impressed with the sound they captured.

Vocals: Skye’s vocals are high and raspy. Gutteral growls are mixed in throughout but are second to the main approach. It’s a very welcomed change from the metalcore norms we see today.

Similar To: Becoming The Archetype, As I Lay Dying, With Faith Or Flames, The Hope Of Change


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