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Thieves & Liars - When Dreams Become Reality

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Band: Thieves & Liars
Title: When Dreams Become Reality
Label: Dreamt Music
Released: 1/22/08
Review By: JoshIVM


01. The Dream
02. Betrayed By Blood
03. Road To Nowhere
04. Slavin’ Away
05. Run
06. Alone
07. Forgotten
08. When Dreams Become Reality
09. Good Times
10. Seven Long Years
11. Reconciled
12. The Author Of Dreams


Corey Edelmann: Guitar
Joey Bradford: Bass, Vocals
Kyle Rosa: Drums

Thieves & Liars, a rock band out of the San Diego area, are here to show that rock ‘n roll is not dead but much the opposite. Their debut has the honor of being the first release on Dreamt Music, an imprint of Facedown Records. Owner Jason Dunn made it clear that this label was created to present music different from what fans expect from Facedown and well, after listening to this album, he wasn’t lying. This band is super tight as a band with really no weak part of the trio. Vocals are strong, the rhythm section of bass and drums are dead on, and Corey’s guitar work really completes, if not makes, the package.

The band is pushed as a classic rock era band from the 60’s and 70’s but they are more than that. Sure the riffage and rhythms are reminiscent but they have also been modernized. The opener titled, “The Dream”, slowly builds and builds and you expect it to rock but near the 3 minute mark the music becomes much more soothing and even utilizes a boys choir. Then Joey’s melodious vocals kick in. I was instantly hooked! The song ends with some guitar solos which again remind of a rock from yesteryear. “Betrayed By Blood” is one of the highlights. It has a great guitar riff and shows off Joey’s screamed vocals. He has a great range of style on this album and that greatly benefits the band. “Road To Nowhere” has a bouncy rock rhythm not so much unlike bands like Jet have been playing as of late. “Alone” is probably my favorite song on the album but it’s possibly the most mellow track as well. I was not expecting this after tracks 2-5 which were more straightforward rock. Joey’s vocals here are incredible, as is the harmonizing. This song shows off the band’s writing ability and they even toss in some strings for good measure.”Good Times” is an entertaining track with the vocals matching the guitar riff that Corey laces over throughout. The album wraps up with a beautiful and captivating 8 minute plus epic that shows off the range of the band’s sound. This song personifies the band. Especially around the 6 minute mark you can just close your eyes and jam along with the band. It’s been awhile since I could say that about a song. Perfect way to complete the album!

One other point to highlight is the fact that this realise comes with an amazing 24 page booklet with 12 illustrations done by Dave Quiggle. It is set up in book format and details the life of Joseph. It’s a rarity for bands to incorporate the whole package so well in today’s market, but where most others fail, T&L succeed.

Overall Rating: In an era where bands are bringing back the classic rock sound Thieves & Liars come out of nowhere and release one of the strongest records of this resurgence. The band knows how to write and knows how to perform. Surprisingly the band was able to incorporate quite a broad range of influences from past rock eras into a cohesive whole! Dunn made an excellent choice for his first signing! I can only imagine what this band is capable of seeing as this is their debut! They have set the bar high but judging by the skills they show off the future is bright! (9/10)

Standout Tracks: “Betrayed By Blood”, “Alone”, “When Dreams Become Reality”


Buy: Facedown Records Store

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