Album Review :
The Send- "Cosmos"

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Band: The Send
Album Title: Cosmos
Label: Tooth and Nail Records
Release Date: 7/31/07
Review by: Nate

  1. Need
  2. Fairweather
  3. An Epiphany
  4. Blocking The Sun
  5. Begin
  6. The Fall
  7. Drown
  8. Santiam
  9. The Science Of The Sky
  10. Dawn And Dusk
  11. Say
  12. Fire Colors
  13. In Repose



Not too long ago, Joseph Kisselburgh left his first band that led him to “Christian music fame.” He said goodbye to Falling Up and hello to The Send. His new project is something close to heart, seeing how he has been wanting to do this for a while. And honestly, I think its Joe’s best idea so far. Why? Personally I see this as a huge move towards musical maturity. I see more professional and talented work in this new CD, that I didn’t really see in the previous Falling Up albums (which I have a hard time deferring the two).

Now lets talk about the CD in details:

I’ll just start by saying that I am very pleased with this first attempt at a “personal project”. While I haven’t been so impressed with others projects such as The Almost, I see the defining difference. I feel The Send has found that special groove of music that they can truly write to. Sometimes I feel that these “personal projects” are just one song, copied over and over again on the CD, which leads you to think you are listening to the same song for the whole album.

Cosmos offers the same genre, but with different and yes… creative tracks. Each one doesn’t sound identical the last one you listened to.

The opening song, Need catches my attention with its piano and great vocals. Fairweather continues to be one of my favorite tracks, for its upbeat and catchy tunes. And on the other side, In Repose picks a softer beat for the final track of the CD, which makes a great exit for the album. Joseph truly makes use of his incredible voice and musical talent. (Not that having Aaron Sprinkle doesn’t help at all though…)

Another defining characteristic I sense in Cosmos, is the lyrical value. Tracks like Down introduce a mood of openness and desperation (“You’re the only thing that can save me now”). Fairweather tells of how our relationships can often fail, but with God, He never fails (“You are the one who can keep me breathing, when all I have been is hurt by fairweather friends“). The Science of the Sky sings of how we should always be ready to listen to God when He speaks, because He really does want to speak to our hearts. Other tracks cry out to God to help Begin a work and purpose in our lives.

All in all, Cosmos contains some soft, but moving tracks that are worth the listen and read. Joseph, wasn’t afraid to express his heart on this album without sugar coating a single thing. And I hold high respects for that. If you’re looking for an expressive and honest CD, this may be your pick.

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