Album Review :
The Saving - David Star

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Band: The Saving
Album: David Star
Label: Unsigned
Release: 3.9.14
Reviewer: Brody B

  1. God of Shepherds
  2. Bethlehem
  3. Anointed One
  4. Book of Songs
  5. Goliath (Feat. Josiah Lyle of Mouth of the South)
  6. Leader of Misfits
  7. Maskil
  8. Bathsheba
  9. Selah
  10. God of Kings

Fair warning before I get into the review for “David Star”; this record is heavy in both the lyrics and musically (In a good way). Sonically, this is an album that demands to be blared with barking subwoofers while vocally, lines like “Abortion is murder / And every tongue in support will be an accomplice of such a horrid crime!” are sure to capture the attention of the listener.

After giving “David Star” a spin in it’s entirety, there will be no question left about the intentions of the one man project. Andres Ortiz, sole member of The Saving started the band in order to lead others through Christ by way of heavy music. With “David Star” Andres steps into the shoes of King David to show listeners that God can love us through the ups and downs in life.

God of Shepherds kicks the album off in excellent fashion. The opener is a great representation of what’s to be found on the rest of the album. The track begins with a spoken word section where Ortiz, speaking from David’s shoes, proclaims, “I was never wanted / No chance to be king as I was brought forth in sin / But as I labor in the back cleaning sheep crap / Still my soul will sing…” just before kicking into harsh screams. This kind of vocal variety is what truly makes The Saving stand out amongst others in the genre. High pitches, to shouting, and even guttural growling are all part of Ortiz’s repertoire.

Musically, God of Shepherds is similar to something you might hear from the likes of I The Breather. Speedy riffing melds into strange tempo breakdowns before going into subtle leads. While nothing out of the ordinary, the amount of transitions musically keeps the listener interested and constantly looking for what’s next.

Book of Songs is a personal favorite on the record for me. While it starts out with a bit slow and menacing, soon a great two-stepping section will have you wishing you were moshing with your buddies even while in your car. The best part of the song comes near the end, however, as Ortiz questions, “What can i say about The One who returned salvation for sin? / The One who takes a sinful life and changes the heart within?” before the crunching breakdown that finds Andres proclaiming, “Glory, blessing, honor, and power to the one who saved my soul from the pit!”.

Goliath is one of the heaviest offerings on the record. Ortiz acquired the help of Mouth of the South front man Josiah Lyle to add to the devastatingly heavy work of art. To go with the crushing tone and musicianship of the track, Goliath features some of the toughest one liners I have come across in a while. “I’ve poached the bear and I’ve killed the lion, so who do you think you are?” and “I will make you a mockery / The laughing stock of all history / That everyone may know you were bested by a boy” are some of my personal favorites.

Bathsheba contains some of the most technical riffs throughout. A very sinister tone is present throughout as the song takes place during a very dark time in King David’s life. The lyrics contain a dialogue between David and Bathsheba for the most part. At the end of the track however, there’s a heart breaking spoken word section that finds David begging for God to return to him before going into one of the best breakdowns on the record.

A bit of the black sheep on the record, Selah is a sure fire gem. Beginning with a short speech about all falling short and sinning, the song shortly goes into a piano driven section where Ortiz abandons his screams for very soulful singing that is sure to strike a chord within the listener. I found myself wishing the track was a little bit longer, giving more time within the quiet and worshipful atmosphere.

Rounding out the album is God of Kings. One of the best breakdowns on the album is found within the closer. “I will respect what you believe / But I will never give it credibility / Only Christ can save us” is the mantra found within the chaos of the chugging.

Overall: The Saving are not a sound entirely original, yet the passion and fury which they use to sonically deliver the message of Christ is something not often found in the genre. Andres Ortiz truly has a passion for delivering The Gospel in a very heavy way and if he continues on this mission while writing quality music like what is found on “David Star”, he is sure to get The Message far and wide.

RIYL: I the Breather | For Today | Ace Augustine