Album Review :
The Rendition - Sans Pearl

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Band:  The Rendition  
Title:  Sans Pearl
Label:  Unsigned
Release Date:  May 20, 2011
Reviewer:  Jessica Cooper 

Track Listing:

  1. Back Home
  2. Longest Distance Traveled (remix)
  3. You’re All I Need
  4. Dreadful Things

Right off the bat, I’m hooked by the vocals. This is another band I was introduced to at Cornerstone last year, and one of the few indie groups that I consistently listen to as a result. Honestly, I think what’s really kept my interest the whole time has been the fact that The Rendition’s music style reminds me a lot of the stuff I listened to growing up. If you like Coldplay or The Swell Season, you can easily see how their music has been influenced, and even moreso vocally, with soft tones and tender backdrops.

“This could be the first time that I believe with my heart and my mind. And I want You to pierce my soul because I am completely Yours.” What? I mean…reading those words, it seems like such a simple grouping. But when you listen to “Longest Distance Traveled” you can definitely hear their passion. Anything with a heartcry like this definitely tugs at each individual fiber of my spirit. I think a personal past fault of mine has been thinking that extravagant words can impress God, and that’s not the case at all. Straightforwardness like this is what He wants from us; to tell it like it is, even though He already knows.

And then there’s songs that just correctly utilize the context of Scripture. Like “You’re All I Need”. This has to be my favorite song on the EP; partly because of its simplicity, but mostly for its overall message. “No matter what I’ve done, a broken heart You won’t despise. You hold all the earth. How could I ever run from the love that You give? How could I be a fool? And I humbly admit I am nothing without You.” Especially right now, I’m dealing with just learning to accept the grace of God when it’s given to me, however undeservingly. And this EP really does it for me.

Overall:  I’d have to say that this band has been pretty solid for the year that I’ve had to enjoy them, and everything I’ve heard has exceeded expectations. Growing up engulfed in the hardcore scene, and then having the opportunity to attend a heavily hardcore/metal-dominated music festival really gave me the opportunity to branch out and explore other genres that, otherwise, I’d have no willing part of. It’s a chance to take to completely switch spectrum ends and expose yourself to new stuff, but bands like this make it totally worth it after the jump. Support The Rendition however you can, and take some time to check out their music on Bandcamp.