Album Review :
The Noise Revival Orchestra - Songs of Forgiveness

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Artist: The Noise Revival Orchestra

Album: Songs of Forgiveness

Label: None

Release Date: July 7, 2011

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


  1. Songs of Forgiveness
  2. Crushin on You
  3. Dance the Night Away
  4. When I Was 8
  5. Sapphire

The Noise Revival Orchestra is Austin, Texas resident Nathan Felix and a rotating cast of friends and collaborators, sometimes ranging up to 25 performers but currently fixed at 8 band members. Together they make light indie rock with acoustic guitars, strings, piano, flute, and of course much more. Catchy, sincere, and a little danceable, these light-hearted songs speak of hope, love, and still having fun in a world sometimes filled with pain. “Crushin on You” is one of these fun tunes, singing of new romantic love. The production sounds great, and the songwriting is also pretty impressive musically and lyrically.

Overall: Offering a light in the darkness, The Noise Revival Orchestra play these heartfelt Songs of Forgiveness with passion and sincerity. They will lift your spirit and brighten your day. Recommended for fans of such varied artists as Rusted Root, Steel Train, Bright Eyes, and Paul Simon, each of which could be compared to The Noise Revival Orchestra in one way or another.

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