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The Music Room - Live While You're Alive

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Band: The Music Room
Release: Live While You’re Alive EP
Release Date: Jan 2011
Label: none
Reviewer: BMer


  1. I Wanna Know You
  2. Dark Outside
  3. Be Here
  4. Rubbish
  5. Life is Beautiful

The Music Room is a sibling outfit out of small-town Northern California. Live While You’re Alive is a collection of five well-written folksy acoustic songs. The EP is full of creativity and each track has a unique quality of warmth and love; Live While You’re Alive is a moment of relief in a hectic life.

Siblings Aimee and Dane Johnson decided to record their songs after playing them live for over a year. The lead-off track “I Wanna Know You” sets the tone for the EP with an upbeat piano and accordion throughout. Aimee’s vocals are not commanding, but more subtle and quirky, reminiscent of Katie Herzig or Zooey Deschanel of She & Him. Aimee’s creative melody lines nestle neatly with her guitar-work, while brother Dane accompanies each song with light percussion and an occasional harmonica. Producer Brian Steckler also features on the album with solid piano work.

You can’t help but smile throughout Live While You’re Alive, The Music Room have written songs about love and life that instantly make you wish you were drinking warm coffee in your kitchen while looking out the window at your white picket-fence. Despite the lighter exterior most of the songs hold a deeper message about life. “Dark Outside” talks about the struggles in relationship when two people aren’t on the same page. “I Wanna Know You” speaks of God’s compassion towards each of us individually, while still being the creator of the universe. “Be Here” is a wonderful track with rich ambience and perfectly placed vocals by Dane, his carefree delivery is a great compliment to Aimee’s voice.

The best track on Live While You’re Alive is that last track, “Life is Beautful.” The lyrics are a reminder that we can get caught up with craziness of this world “Preoccupied and too numb to realize that life is beautiful” and with the repetition of the line “Life is beautiful” you can’t help but get caught up in the brief moment of peace Live While You’re Alive offers.

OVERALL I’m really enjoying Live While You’re Alive by The Music Room. There are no agendas here, nothing but well-written songs about life with a reminder to love those around you. Fans of Sixpence None the Richer, Waterdeep, Glen Hansard, and wholesome folksy music will really enjoy The Music Room.

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