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The Heartstring Band "Aurora Songs Vol. 1"

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Title: Aurora Songs Vol. 1
Release Date: 2006
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Storm Song
02. Breathe On
03. Thousand Candles
04. Where Did Your Love Go?


Justin Kline: Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Eric Kline: Guitar
Dan Wax: Bass
Steve Bourque: Drums

The Heartstring Band is a Maryland pop-rock quartet, who seem to have captured some early 60’s rock sounds with “undeniably catchy songs loaded with tons of harmony”. After being together for a little over a year, they got together and recorded this short 4 song EP. They are clearly influenced by past greats like The Beach Boys and early Beatles, as well as modern groups like Weezer. They’ve created a group of songs that will cause most anyone reminisce about era’s long gone. However, and sadly it instantly reminded me of the Tom Hanks film called “That Thing You Do” and the band in the movie, called “The Wonders”. In other words I couldn’t take it seriously. The songs are lighthearted and pleasant for sure, but outdated at the same time. I think from the few bands I listed, you have a pretty solid idea of what the songs sound like and there really isn’t a need to go into it further. If you like those years of music, you’ll like this album. If not, well you may just want to skip this over.

Overall Rating: I’m not sure how well this album would do currently, seeing as it’d be just as easy to listen to the older bands instead. I like the album and it’s well put together, but it’s just not something I would play very often. (5/10)

Standout Track: “Storm Song”

Recommendation: Borrow From A Friend For A Test Run


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