Album Review :
The Day Of - Undiscovered

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Band: The Day Of
Label: N/A
Reviewed By: Stephen M


  1. Running Away
  2. See You Through
  3. Promise Me
  4. I Am There
  5. What If You Said No
  6. Simply Amazing
  7. The Fight
  8. Wait A Minute
  9. Take It Slow
  10. So I Wait

The Day Of is a three piece band from Knoxville Tennessee. Their music can be best described as Alternative Christian Rock. Each track flowing from one to the other beautifully with next to no boring or dragged out parts. They create Melodies that can be listened to over and over again thanks to the strong vocals of Nick. The guitars, drums, and keys all compliment and balance each other out to create an original sound. This is a unique band and a nice addition to a genre that has been around for years.

The Day Of is a band centered around Jesus Christ and as they say in their thanks, “Jesus Christ for paying not only our debt, but for a life we do not deserve.” The Day Of’s lyrics are Christian themed and seem to center around pursuing a relationship with Jesus and living your life as a living sacrifice for him.  The song “Wait a Minute” is one of my favorite songs they do, they combine catchy melodies, catchy guitar riffs, and even throw in some raps. The song’s theme is talking about how as Christians we need to take a step back and be patient to enjoy all that God has given us.

The Day Of has released a solid album that is filled with catchy melodies, great vocals, and Biblical lyrics. I encourage everyone to check out The Day Of with their new release titled “Undiscovered”.

I was going to make a list of the “Gems of this album” but I couldn’t come up with a list without containing every song in the album. Check this band and this CD out, you will not regret it.