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The Classic Crime - Acoustic EP

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Band: The Classic Crime
Title: Acoustic EP: Seattle Sessions
Label: Tooth & Nail
Review By: JoshIVM


1. Seattle
2. Blindfolded
3. The Test
4. Wake Up (Shipwreck)
5. The Drink In My Hand (Live)
6. When The Time Comes
7. Far From Home


Matt MacDonald: Vocals
Justin DuQue: Guitar
Robbie Negrin: Guitar
Skip Erickson: Drums
Alan Clark: Bass

The Classic Crime have decided to go against the norm and forego a true sophmore effort by releasing an acoustic EP. The band had already stated these songs didn’t fit the sound they normally presented so they needed to do it this way. I suppose you can look at this as their second disc, but it feels like a new band. Matt’s excellent vocals are still there but they’re the only connection. How smart approaching things like this is still yet to be seen but I had greatly enjoyed their debut and figured that it could have some potential.

Upon the first few listens I could not stand it. Maybe I was having a bad day or just wanted to be extra cynical but I hated it. However, I knew for a review that I needed to at least give it one more shot. So as I headed out one day for a trip that would allow me to listen to the short disc straight through, I popped it in. Thankfully I did! The album is short and sweet, only consisting of 7 tracks. The first 3 songs are amazing, well written, and catchy! “Seattle” is led by the drumming which sustains itself throughout the track. MacDonald quickly shows off his vocal abilities and what originally had caught my attention back in 2005. The chorus is big, if you can say that for an acoustic track. The music really steps up from the very quiet verses which focus mainly on the vocals. The music in “Blindfolded” is light-hearted though the lyrics aren’t. The vocal arrangement gets more interested about 50 seconds in with MacDonald following the piano accompaniment. “Far From Home” is more your typical acoustic song, with its strummed chords and heart-on-your-sleeve sound to the vocals. The full band does come in part of the way through here and end the album on a high note.

Overall Rating: I’m quite glad I gave this album multiple listens! It isn’t an album that I’m going to be spinning non-stop but it’s a great addition to my collection. While not quite a side-project and not quite the norm it’s a nice break before the real sophmore effort. Of course if you’re into the whole acoustic thing, this album should be what you’re looking for but I think it’s also a great release for anyone searching for a quiet, entertaining listen! (9/10)

Standout Tracks: “Seattle”, “When The Time Comes”

Tooth & Nail

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