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The Chinese Express "After The Matinee"

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Band: The Chinese Express
Title: After The Matinee: From The Silver Screen To The Sky
Release Date: 2006
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Said The Son To The Father
02. Time Will Tell
03. Build For Rock N’ Roll
04. Work On Your Landings
05. Said The Father To The Son
06. Borders Of Gold


Cameron Green: Vocals
Timothy Neff: Guitar/Vocals
Austin Hammond: Drums
Micah Rapp: Bass/Vocals
Eric Townsend: Guitar/Vocals

The Chinese Express, which began in 2005 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, recently came to an end. They released this one EP during their 2 year existence and signed to Measure For Measure Records, but broke up before recording anything for them.

The band’s style is in line with the current Southern rock fad, but offers a hardcore twist, complete with breakdowns and gang vocals. Musically the album isn’t bad, sounding alot like Maylene at times. I was impressed with the band’s sound and some of the lead guitarwork, throughout various parts of the album, but there are also times when I felt bored. However, that alone would not keep me from liking the album. However, the vocals really turned them off to me. I think it’s just because alot of times they came across cheesy and forced to fit in the Southern sound. They just didn’t sound natural, whether sung or yelled, but came across forced. I’m not saying all of the vocals were bad, but simply did not fit the music. To me, they would fit better with an old-school hardcore band easily. I really was hoping to enjoy this album, but I guess you can’t like everything.

Overall Rating: I just couldn’t get into this album, though I tried multiple times. All of the vocals, lead and backup, just prevented me from enjoying it.

Standout Tracks: “Built For Rock ‘N Roll”

Recommendation: Pass On This Release


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