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The Black Noise Party Boys - Party All the Time

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Artist: The Black Noise Party Boys
Album: Party All the Time
Label: Holdfast Records
Release Date: January 8, 2008
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Pity Party
2. Spend the Night Party
3. Pizza Party
4. Pool Party
5. Guitarty
6. Going away Party

How many times can you use the word “party” in a tracklist? All of them, apparently. If one word could describe this record, it would be “guitars.” The Black Noise Party Boys deliver a nonstop southern metal blend with loud guitars, raw screamed vocals (think Every Time I Die), and a lot of chugga-chugga headbanging. There’s a subtle nod to 80s metal, especially on “Guitarty,” but for the most part this is straightforward in keeping with recent trends. The energy is high, and for the most part the headbanging is good. “Pizza Party” sounds like it could have been ripped right off of a Maylene and the Sons of Disaster album, which is weird considering Dallas Taylor does gust vocals not on this track but on “Pity Party.” The chorus on “Going away Party” and the breakdowns in “Pool Party” and maybe “Pizza Party” set this band apart from the rest of the southern wave by going deeper into truly heavy metalcore. Party All the Time is an honorable start, although the party gimmick gets a little overbearingly old after a while, so hopefully they’ll drop that with the next release. Then again, it seems to be working for Family Force 5.


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