Album Review :
The Almost - Monster Monster

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Band: The Almost
Title: Monster Monster
Label: Tooth and Nail / Virgin
Release Date: 11/3/09
Reviewer: Brooks G.


  1. Monster Monster
  2. Lonely Wheel
  3. No Don’t
  4. Hands
  5. Young Again
  6. Summer Summer
  7. Hand Grenade
  8. Books and Books
  9. Souls On Ten
  10. Want To
  11. Get Through
  12. Monster

“I’m sick of this monster monster” states lead singer Aaron Gillespie on The Almost’s new album titled Monster Monster. Blended in there is great alternative rock that was lacking from Southern Weather and even a few surprises. One of those surprises is actually some Americana. I was certainly not expecting this, but it came as a big surprise.

One track that personally effects me is “Monster” and is personally my favorite track off the album. It is asking God if we have defects will he still love us. It is very touching to me. Spiritually, there are many more tracks that are good on this album than Southern Weather. One honorable mention of the disc is their current single titled “Hands”. It takes on the sound of an 80s alt. rocker. It can be looked at as a worship song also, with lyrics like “With our hands held high, we’re singing oh… and with our feet we stomp a cadence for You”.

There are rockers on the album such as “Monster Monster, “Want To”, and “Get Through”. In “Want To” there is even almost a screaming breakdown, which surprised me.

However, the most shocking track is “Souls On Ten” . It is more of a folk rock tune and even blends in country and piano. A great surprise, but it completes the album. I have to admit, I was very shocked to hear this and I’m sure you will be when you pick it up, but it is very enjoyable.

The album was actually described as a concept album according to EMI, describing it with a theme about facing the “monsters” in our lives. Of course the “monsters” are actually our sins and flaws, but with God’s help, we can get rid of these “monsters”.

You can tell this theme from front to end. “Monster Monster” has Aaron talking about how he’s sick of the “monsters” in his life. “Monster” has him asking God basically if he still will love us and except us through our sins. A great theme for sure!


The Almost return with a sophomore effort that is more spiritual than the debut album. It features a wide range of songs musically and is one of my favorites of ’09’! You should go pick this up as soon as it releases!