Album Review :
The Almost - Monster EP

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Band: The Almost
Title: Monster EP
Label: Tooth and Nail
Release Date: 10/06/09
Reviewer: Stephen M


1. Lonely Wheel

2. Hands

3. July

4. Birmingham

5. Monster

The Almost is back with a preview for their full length album titled “Monster, Monster” with an EP titled “Monster”. This will be The Almost’s second full length album to be released on Tooth and Nail. Luckily for us they have put out an EP to tie us over until the full release and believe me, this will definitely be worth the wait.

The Almost has come right out of the gates to create a great sounding EP and a preview for their album that is sure to be a contender for album of the year. Aaron Gillespie is back creating honest heartfelt music at it’s finest. The first few times I listened to this album I was unsure and questioning if this would be enough to make another solid hit for them. As I continued to listen to it, the power behind the lyrics and the arrangement of the music hit me and I was moved. When you listen to these five songs you will hear the passion behind each song – they are rooted in rock mixed with punk while having a worship oriented heart. Even though this EP has two B-sides, they still bring the quality that would be with any other songs Aaron would produce. “Monster” is full of sing along choruses that will be stuck in your head all day (It’s a good thing, I don’t think you can get sick of these songs). The song titled “Hands” is probably one of the catchiest on the EP – it has a catchy beat, chiming keyboards and a sing along chorus.

“With our hands up high we’re screaming, Wo oh oh oh oh, wo oh oh oh oh.”

You can imagine with all those wo’s and oh’s how everyone will be singing along with you in the car – makes for some good sing along time. Since we are already talking about some of the lyrics, let’s dive into some of the others. One thing I appreciate about Aaron is his honesty and that he speaks his heart when he writes lyrics. Here is an excerpt from the song Monster:

“If I were a monster/Would you wince when you looked at me?/If I were a freak/Would you stare?/If I were a leper/Would you say unclean/If I was alone… Would you help me get free?”

The Almost has put out a very solid EP to get everyone stoked on their full length coming out in November. This is sure to be one of the highlights of my year and it comes at a perfect time where the weather here in Canada doesn’t give you much to look forward to. Everyone should get the “Monster EP” and the pre-order for “Monster, Monster” – even if you are scared of them from time to time. 🙂