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Stellar Kart - We Can't Stand Sitting Down

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Band: Stellar Kart
Title: We Can’t Stand Sitting Down
Label: Word
Release Date: 7/25/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Procrastination
02. Activate
03. Me And Jesus
04. Lose Control
05. Hold On
06. Always Waiting
07. Only Wanted
08. Finding Out
09. Wishes And Dreams
10. I’m Pretty Good
11. I Wanna Live
12. Angels In Chorus


Adam: Vocals,Guitars
Jordan: Drums
Cody: Guitars
Brian: Bass

Stellar Kart came out of nowhere with “All Gas. No Brakes” last year and quickly became a fan favorite. The album has removed all of the downfalls of their debut and released a mature, musically broadened, hit-filled offering. As you listen through this disc, you can feel each of these songs becoming hits, even on mainstream outlets and radio. I’m sure you’ll hear many of these songs as background tracks to hit shows on MTV, VH1, and the like. This is the release that will really allow Stellar Kart to make their mark.

“Procrastinating” jumps right in with quick-fed vocals laced over an upbeat and pounding track. Right off the bat, you can tell that they have gone for a more mature lyrical approach, which is definitely a good thing. The chorus is ground into your head and you will find yourself singing along soon enough. Similar sounding tracks are the inevitable hit “Activate” and “Finding Out”.

“Me And Jesus” mellows things out after the first two songs. The song will certainly jump to the top of the CHR charts quite quickly. The feel is more of a straightforward rock track as opposed to a pop punk anthem.

The band’s predecessor’s influence can be heard in some tracks, but the band overall shouldn’t be labeled a copycat. I mean let’s be honest, there’s only a certain amount one can do in pop punk and most bands will sound somewhat similar. The early part of the album definitely adheres to the standards of pop-punk. The fun-loving, and at times goofy, catchy hits. “We Can’t Stand Sitting Down” really takes off in the second half of the album though.

“Wishes And Dreams” is another great track, which focuses more on being a simple song. No fast guitars or blistering drums. Just powerchord progression with a thickened tone, which almost brings, dare I say, an epic feel to it.

Standout Tracks:

“Procrastinating”, “Only Wanted”, “Activate”, “Wishes And Dreams”

Overall Rating: Stellar Kart have grown tremendously from their last album. The vocals are better, the music is a bit tighter, and production blows away “All Gas…”. “We Can’t Stand Sitting” has gained a fan in me and I would recommend for people to check these guys out. Pop punk, and to be honest punk in general, has been lacking in the Christian scene in the past few years but Stellar Kart have proved that it’s not dead. The album contains all the essentials and solidly delivers memorable hooks, enjoyable upbeat tunes, and a great addition to any music collection!

Individual Ratings:

Marketability: Sadly, Word Records is not a good home for a band like this. I have had this album for some time now and I have not seen one advertisement anywhere for it’s release until I visited the band’s page. I hope for the band’s sake that they didn’t sign a huge album deal with them so they can get out soon and do a better suited label like Mono Vs. Stereo or Flicker. The band has the talent and catchiness to compete with mainstream artists for radio play and the solid base lyrically to do well in the Christian market. I just don’t think Word gets it…

Production: The production is perfect for this style. Nothing too spectacular or over the top, it fits well with the pop punk genre.

Vocals: Adam’s vocals are not as annoying and whiney as many other pop punk singers (ie Simple Plan). He doesn’t seem to have a large range, but doesn’t need it either. The tones blend with the music quite well and don’t draw away from the overall feel.

Similar To: Simple Plan, MxPx, Hawk Nelson, Blink 182

Word Records

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