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Stellar Kart - Expect The Impossible

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Band: Stellar Kart
Title: Expect The Impossible
Label: Word
Release Date: 2.26.08
Review By: JoshIVM


01. Innocent
02. Automatic
03. Jesus Loves You
04. The Right One
05. Sunshine
06. Pray
07. Shine Like The Stars
08. Eyes
09. I Give Up
10. Letters


Adam Agee: Vocals, Guitar
Cody Pellerin: Guitar
Jordan Messer: Drums
Brian Calcara: Bass

What can I say about Stellar Kart that hasn’t already been said a million times. They pretty much do the same thing each album. They need to work with a new producer. Someone willing to step out from the norm. Someone edgy. The band is utterly too clean cut. On the other hand I’m a sucker for pop punk. It will always have room in my collection. I grew up listening to it and I’ve been hooked since the beginning. So understanding those two things, how does this release match up?

The band actually does attempt to branch out on this release. I’m not sure it’s branching out in the right direction but at least they’re trying. “Shine Like Stars” is a prime example. This track sees the band stepping out from the typical pop punk sound with a more straightforward rock song, mixed with electronic elements. It is one of the more enjoyable tracks and possibly the best chorus on the whole disc. I’ll admit I laughed when “Eyes” started. Can we say Van Halen? Maybe the band was going to cover “Jump” but then decided to just do something extremely similar. “The Right One” has the bouncy sound that fans came to love with this band and others like Simple Plan. “Innocent” is the catchiest overall track and it is the first that you’ll hear. The mid section of this album is pretty weak. The last bunch of songs are far better than the first half of the album. Unfortunately, positioning the songs in this manner could cost them. I don’t know how many people will listen that far to find out the second half is worth the listen. Most will check out the first few songs and pass it by. The inevitable single “Jesus Loves You” comes off as a gimmick trying to capitalize on the success of “Me and Jesus”. Hopefully that wasn’t the case but it’s how I took it. The album has a few good tracks but overall is a letdown and there are plenty of better pop punk/powerpop bands out there. Hopefully they’ll learn there lesson and the label will allow them some room to grow. Otherwise we’ll continue to get a very similar album each time.

Overall Rating: It does seem like the band tried to do some newer sounds but will never fulfill it fully while working and co-writing the majority of tracks with Eskelin. I can’t say it enough. Working with new people, perhaps a producer who’s done lots of grittier punk would do this band wonders. They’ve got the pop thing covered but some edge will draw them a whole new crowd. (7.5/10)

Standout Tracks: “Automatic”, “I Give Up”, “Letters”


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