Album Review :
Stellar Kart - A Whole New World EP

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Artist:  Stellar Kart
Title:  A Whole New World EP
Label:  None
Release Date:  8/16/2011
Reviewer:  Jeremiah Holdsworth


1.  Kiss The Girl
2.  A Whole New World
3.  Be Our Guest
4.  Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Stellar Kart has been around for 10 years and has released four full length albums since 2005.  They’ve always been at the top of the so called Christian Pop/Punk genre, behind Relient K and Hawk Nelson.  Well they’ve now added a new genre, Disney Pop/Punk.  The four songs they covered from various animated Disney movies, are done quite well.  I didn’t expect the songs to be rocking as much as they do.  The bands punk side really came out for the song “Be Our Guest”.  The drumming is fast, the guitarist’s shred away, and there’s even a little guitar solo to boot.  The other three songs follow the more traditional Pop/Punk the band is known for, but are equally impressive.

Overall:  If you love original Disney songs, (Kiss The Girl, A Whole New World, Be Our Guest, and Can You Feel The Love Tonight) and Pop/Punk, then you can’t pass this up.  I know I couldn’t.

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