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Someday - To Failure, Dear Brother

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Band: Someday
Title: “To Failure, Dear Brother”
Label: -none-
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Every Thought Captive
02. Light Makes Shadows Of Us All
03. This Moment Could Change Everything
04. So Very Far From Pure
05. Remember Sammy Jankis


JP Schreiner: Vocals
Chris Rose: Guitar, Vocals
Duncan Allard: Guitar
Chase Allard: Bass
Ricky Price: Drums

Someday is a band out of Albuquerque, New Mexico who I happened to run across on myspace one day. I checked them out, liked what I heard, and contacted the band. They were nice enough to send over a copy of their EP for review and here we are. I’m assuming most of you have never heard of them, set aside news posts on our site, but you need to familiarize yourselves with them. They’re an amazing group who have the talent and heart to really do well in the business.

“Every Thought Captive” jumps right into to a heavy, melodic track which initially pummels it’s way into your ears. JP’s vocals are harsh and that’s how I like them. Someday, thankfully, avoids the mistakes of a lot of bands… not being able to match music and vocal sounds. A short time after a minute-thirty into the track, things quiet down and Chris quietly sings for a time, a brief lapse before yet again unleashing their ferocity.

The band uses the vocal switch, scream/sing, like many other bands. However, one thing that stuck out to me was that the clean vocals were not overly poppy. They bring a similar emotion as the screaming, and have a bit of a raw feel which is a nice switch from the usually overproduced “emo-core” groups. The guitar tones are thick and heavy, but not overly distorted. They have kept the melodic feel while staying heavy. There are some decent guitar riffs placed sporatically throughout, which help to keep things catchy and interesting.

“This Moment Could Change Everything” is the most upbeat song and the delivery is flawless. By far the catchiest song and most accessible, it truly shows off the band’s ability to mold multiple styles together.

Standout Tracks: “This Moment Could Change Everything”, “Every Thought Captive”

Overall Rating: I have been completely blown away by these guys! One of the best, if not the best, independent release I’ve checked out while working for IVM. They draw from many influences and mix them into a beautiful and aggressive mix. Thankfully the band doesn’t overdo anything on it. No excessive breakdowns or too much singing (for the metal kids). The music writing ability is mature and well thought out. A must have for anyone that reads this!

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: Obviously packaging for independent groups is not a major deal and so wasting money on it makes no sense. Honestly I’m not really sure what the design art on the paperboard is actually.

Lyrics: The lyrics weren’t included but I found them on their myspace. I very much enjoyed reading through their lyrics. I like that their faith plays an important role in the lyrical approach, and it’s clearly seen through reading.

Marketability: These guys need to be signed! When I ran across these guys and contacted I definitely heard potential on the myspace tracks. After hearing the full EP my opinion was only solidified. Someone needs to take notice!

Production: I was suprised at the quality of production. They really did a great job with it! Nothing I could think to complain about.

Vocals: The vocals are a great mix with JP’s harsh, throaty screams to Chris’ clean singing. Sure it’s been done before, but these guys have varied it up enough to continue to be entertaining.

Similar To: Chasing Victory, Underoath, Beloved


Buy: Smartpunk

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