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Sleep for Dreaming - Memories

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Artist: Sleep for Dreaming
Album: Memories
Label: None
Release Date: 6/18/13
Reviewer: Cimarron Hatch
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  1. Memories
  2. Satellites
  3. Something Greater
  4. In Your Arms

Sleep for Dreaming is a band of four guys currently based in Amarillo, Texas. The pop/punk and indie rock influenced band is made up of lead singer and guitarist Zoe Bohlen, lead guitarist Ismael Armendez, bassist Calvin Barker, and drummer Bryan Singer. The name of the band comes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet’s monologue “to sleep, perchance to dream.” Memories is their first EP release, and they are hoping to gain some new fans with it.

The first track, “Memories,” shows off the band’s pop/punk side with pounding drums and searing guitars. The lyrics focus on remembering what life was like before taking off on tour with a popular band and having to leave a significant other behind. Basically just reminiscing about a summer spent with someone: “Memories like photographs inside my mind / reflections of the summertime.” Next, “Satellites” is a very sappy indie rock love song about really pining for someone and wanting them to feel the same way. There are very cute and sweet lyrics such as: “I saw you in the moonlight / you looked so beautiful… / …and the satellites and the full moon saw / how amazing you are.” Swoon; am I right?

“Something Greater” is a slower song about looking for God and then finding him as a reason for everything. The instrumentation includes lots of subtle guitars with piano and drums. The bridge takes the song to a fuller rock sound that continues to the end. “In Your Arms” is yet another love song, but this time it’s a slow acoustic number. It seems like a lullaby to try and woo a girl. I really enjoyed the echoing piano.

Overall: Sleep for Dreaming is a promising new band, and this EP is sure to bring them some attention. Their instrumentation is all very well done, and their lyrics are thoughtful and never cliched. This band’s sound reminds me a bit of Paradise Fears, who is currently becoming quite a popular act. I believe this Memories EP has brought a perfect sampling of what we can expect from Sleep for Dreaming in the future, and I hope to see a full-length release soon.