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Skillet - Comatose

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Band: Skillet
Title: Comatose
Label: SRE Recordings
Release Date: 10/3/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Rebirthing
02. The Last Night
03. Yours To Hold
04. Better Than Drugs
05. Comatose
06. The Older I Get
07. Those Nights
08. Falling Inside The Black
09. Say Goodbye
10. Whispers
11. Looking For Angels


John Cooper: Vocals, Guitar
Korey Cooper: Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Ben Kasica: Lead Guitar
Lori Peters: Drums

Skillet is back on the scene yet again, this time with their 7th studio album and at the pinnacle of their career. The title of this album surely does not describe the music contained within. The band has grown leaps and bounds since Alien Youth and yes, even Collide. The focus is somewhat similar to Collide but add into it: Korey’s vocals, more guitar finger work, a clean vocal from John, and strings. The mix is amazingly well put together! The band thankfully was able to keep the harder edge though adding a whole new feel and bringing a bit of pop appeal into the picture. The band takes a more epic sounding production as opposed to the straight-forward rock of Collide.

“Rebirthing” is the first single and the opening track. Instantly showing you one of the initial changes, the addition of strings, the band then backs it up with massive, chugging guitars. The chorus is a certainly presented on an epic scale and clearly the fans are loving it (huge amounts of Myspace plays, radio airplay, etc). “Yours To Hold” is a well placed ballad that could certainly be a pop radio hit. Led through with quiet, snapping drums and a slow-paced guitar it really is a catchy and possibly huge track for them! This song really displays John’s singing ability to change his sound when needed. “Better Than Drugs” is the song I personally feel would be the best Modern Rock Radio single for them. It’s upbeat and aggressive, constantly building until we reach the summit of the chorus, which thunders while burrowing it’s way into your head so you wont forget it’s tune. Another standout, seemingly every track, is “Whispers” which begins like a ballad with very soft piano and muted vocals. Then the harder sound blasts through with an immensely catchy riff. This song has one of the heavier feels.

“Comatose” seems like a collection of a band’s best songs spanning a long career. Instead, Skillet has taken 3 years to create their masterpiece! The album is chock full of hits! I never thought I’d say this but I recommend checking this album out. It’s one of the top 3 rock releases of 2006 easy!

Standout Tracks: “Better Than Drugs”, “Whispers”, “Yours To Hold”

Individual Ratings:

Lyrics: The typical Skillet approach which we all have come to know except this album digs a bit into more personal topics. They deal with addictive behavior (specifically cutting which is why the song was written (“Last Night”), God’s love (“Better Than Drugs”), and the change we receive in Christ (“Rebirthing”)

Marketability: Skillet is already a staple in the Christian market and covers fans of many genres. After “Collide” had some rock radio hits the band’s fanbase grew even more. This album is by far their best work yet and will no doubt solidify their standings in the general market.

Similar To: Evanescence, Seether, 30 Seconds to Mars, Blue October, Bush

SRE Recordings

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