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Since Remembered - Coming Alive

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Band: Since Remembered
Title: Coming Alive
Label: Blood & Ink
Release Date: 6/20/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Intro
02. Everything
03. Ten Years
04. Last Regret
05. Loaded Gun
06. Goodbye
07. Hero Of The Day
08. Last Dance
09. Can’t Keep Us Down
10. Out Of My Head
11. Dead Leaves
12. Coming Alive


Danny Siviter: Vocals
Brian Young: Guitar, Vocals
Kyle Woodall: Drums
Chris Jacques: Guitar
Mike UnderwoodL Bass

Since Remembered originally started with a “progressive 80’s style of hardcore and mixed in melodies and emotions felt in much of modern day punk rock.” The band reformed after their initial stint, years later, and I’m glad they did. They recorded an independent 5 song EP and that was all they needed. In 2005, Danny (vocals) moved to North Carolina to meet up with the other members and the rest is history. They have been constantly playing shows and have finally offered their label debut “Coming Alive”.

The intro completely threw me off. It’s an intro that would be more apt to build up into a metalcore or even emocore album. I feared yet another band in the genre. Thankfully, the band isn’t metalcore, not even close. This is in-your-face, high fives & stage dives hardcore. The band indeed mixes elements of punk rock and old school hardcore together into a brash debut.

Danny’s higher screamed vocals are easily understood, yet tend to stay static throughout. There is not much variation during this album. The songs are all 2 minutes and out. “Everything” quickly throws you into the circle pit and doesn’t let you out until the last track is over. The rest of the album runs a similar pattern of melodic guitars & upbeat drum work. Since Remembered’s bold stance is backed up with insane amounts of energy. Although the release is short in length it makes up for it in unrelenting melodic hardcore.

Standout Tracks:

“Out Of My Head”, “Can’t Keep Us Down”

Overall Rating: This album is quite short rounding out at just under 27 minutes, so enjoy it while you can. This is an album for fans of this genre but I don’t see it branching beyond that. This is what hardcore was and most “hardcore” today is more metalcore and toughguy than anything else. However, I think they would put on an incredibly lively and entertaining concert and hopefully I’ll be able to catch that sometime.

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: Definitely a hardcore looking booklet, complete with show flyers in black and white. Smart to say that way because most old school fans wouldn’t be swayed by a catchy booklet. So they were smart and didn’t go that route.[All lyrics included]

Lyrics: Straightforward lyrics. No gimmicks. The songs deal with the typical hardcore topics: friends (“Cant Keep Us Down”), cutting ties (“Goodbye”), and the scene (“Ten Years”)

Marketability: Old school youth crew hardcore as it should be done. They don’t have the pop appeal that Comeback Kid offers with their sung vocals and catchy melodies however. I think this will be enjoyed by true hardcore fans.

Production: The production is what it should be for this genre of music. There’s not much too it because the music isn’t extremely complicated and layered. At times the music tends to blend too much together and you lose focus.

Vocals: The vocals wear on me after awhile. The same way Ten 33 and xLooking Forwardx do. I would like to see Danny do a bit more variations and maybe some more gang vocals added would help. They are higher pitched, sounds like a younger kid but isn’t.

Similar To: Comeback Kid, With Honor, Ten 33, xLooking Forwardx


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