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Sent By Ravens - Mean What You Say

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Artist: Sent By Ravens
Album: Mean What You Say
Label: Tooth & Nail
Release Date: February 28, 2012
Reviewed by: Sara Walz

Track Listing:
1. Prudence
2. Listen
3. Rebuild, Release
4. Learn From the Night
5. Mean What You Say
6. However Long It Takes
7. Need It Today
8. Never Be Enough
9. We’re All Liars
10. Best In Me

For their sophomore release on Tooth & Nail, Sent By Ravens teamed up with producer, Rob Hawkins (Fireflight/Disciple) to produce an album that is sure to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump. The South Carolina band comes out with both guns blazing on an album begging people, particularly Christians, to mean what they say.

The album is heavy lyrically and they don’t shy away from tackling big issues. The opening track, “Prudence”, sets the stage for record proclaiming that they are here to say what they need to say, take it or leave it. On their Facebook page lead singer, Zach Riner says, “The entire record is based on the weight in our words,” Riner explains. “The album concept was influenced by the actions of The Westboro Baptist church. Groups like this are the ones you see picketing, holding signs which say ‘God hates Fags’ and the like. These groups use their words carelessly and distort truth.” The song “We’re All Liars” begins with someone who had been kicked out of the church and ends with an honest confession of wrongdoing. They hit on themes of identity, humility and hope throughout the album with a sense of urgency woven in.

“Mean What You Say” offers some musical ear candy as well. The album falls squarely into the hard-rock category but each song holds it’s own without bleeding into the next song unnoticed, as seems to happen with so many other hard-rock releases. The songs are full and rich with deep bass and driving drums and the occasional string track sprinkled on top, but it’s Riner’s vocals that really take the cake. There is a passion in his voice that is in your face but seems almost effortless at the same time. It makes you sit up and listen, it makes you believe that he believes in what he’s singing. The album ends with a power-ballad that finishes the album like the cherry on top.

A solid release from a band who wears their heart on their tattooed covered sleeve.

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