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Second Story Feedback - Symphony Lifespan

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Artist: Second Story Feedback
Album: Symphony Lifespan
Label: None
Release Date: December 3, 2011
Reviewed by: Cimarron Hatch
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1. Nova
2. Symphony Lifespan
3. Peace of Mind
4. Whisper
5. Invade Me
6. Convince Me
7. All My Defenses Are Red
8. Monotony
9. The Waking Day
10. Newness
11. Requisite

Second Story Feedback is an incredibly talented band from Arlington, Texas, formed in 2007 by singer/songwriter Paul Demer, and brothers Ben and Josh Jessup. The band defines their music as “electro-coustic,” which is a genre that I find is progressively gaining popularity every day. Symphony Lifespan, Second Story Feedback’s first full-length album is “based around the idea that existence is a song and we are the notes,” according to lead singer Paul Demer, “and the question is: in your symphony lifespan will you be harmony or dissonance?”

The album is introduced by the song “Nova,” which has an interesting, kind of surf-rock sounding guitar riff throughout. Next comes the title track, my personal favorite on the album, “Symphony Lifespan,” which I can’t stop listening to over and over again because of its haunting guitar and awesome electronic dance breakdown. “Peace of Mind” follows, and is a song about how God is always with us to soothe our souls. I found the falsetto vocal run in the end slightly awkward, but a good song nonetheless. The album slows down in tempo but not quality for a short time with the song “Whisper,” which is about God speaking to us when we are alone, and has an interesting trumpet solo at the end.

After two more awesome pop/rock songs, “Invade Me,” and “Convince Me,” comes the song “All My Defenses Are Red,” which has a great guitar solo toward the end with perfectly done a cappella vocals following. “Monotony” succeeds “My Defenses,” and is anything but monotonous with a cool drum intro. The final three songs of Symphony Lifespan continue the album’s greatness all the way to the end. “The Waking Day” has a nice string intro. “Newness” is an interesting song about how we are judged by material things that do not matter, and a longing to be made new. The closing song, “Requisite,” is a pleasing song complete with perfect three-part harmonies, and is about how God is a necessity in everyday life.

Overall: This album is so professional that I forgot I was listening to a young, indie band. I’m absolutely blown away by all the talent that these musicians have. Their guitar riffs are incredible, the vocals are flawless, and they can even sing in impressive three-part harmony! There is no doubt about it; Second Story Feedback is an incredible band. If you need any more reassurance as to the talent of these musicians, check out their side projects as well. Ben and Josh Jessup’s electronic side project, Lobotics, and Paul Demer’s solo side project. Check out my review of Paul’s solo EP Barks of Yore here. I encourage any indie rock fans to listen to this remarkable album by Second Story Feedback. You will not be disappointed.