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Ryan Morgan - Come to Life

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Artist: Ryan Morgan
Album: Come to Life
Label: None (released independently)
Release Date: June 5, 2007
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Let Your Glory Fall
2. The One I Adore
3. Glorious
4. Giving Back
5. Listening
6. Come to Life
7. Pour over Me
8. Inner-mission
9. Redemption’s Song
10. The Strength I Need
11. Lost
12. I Need You
13. Harbor

Ryan Morgan creates some good music as far as today’s “worship” artists go in that I can actually stand listening to this album. Still not my first choice, but it’s got a definite catchiness and enjoyability to it that most other “worship” artists I’ve heard are lacking. Stylistically, he’s got the melodic energy of Jeff Deyo, fused with just enough polish to please the Chris Tomlin crowd. And somehow thrown into the mix is just enough youth to keep the David Crowder Band fans. Take all that and you’ve got a decent “worship” album, but where this music really shines is on the slower piano-based tracks like “Listening.” Or maybe I just gravitate to that sort of song. Who knows? But either way, what’s really important in “worship” music is the lyrics, and in this area Ryan Morgan offers a balanced mix of praising God for being good and of crying out to God in times of weakness, without many cheesy moments, which is surprisingly difficult to find on a release in this genre. A bit simplistic at times, but for the most part the lyrics show a right attitude. All in all a good first release with hope for the future, but there’s not too much to drop your jaw at just yet.



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