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Run Kid Run - This Is Who We Are

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Band: Run Kid Run
Title: This Is Who We Are
Label: Tooth & Nail
Release Date: May 16th, 2006


01. We’ve Only Just Begun
02. Move On
03. Wake Up, Get Up
04. Sing To Me
05. The Modern March
06. The Call Out
07. This Day Of Change
08. Outline Of A Love
09. Miles And States
10. I’ll Forever Sing


David Josiah Curtis: Vocals & Guitar
Neil Endicott: Guitar & Vocals
Lyle Chastain: Bass
Matt Jackson: Drums

Forming from the ashes of Tooth & Nail alumni punks, Side Walk Slam, comes Run Kid Run. I was glad to see T&N returning to their roots and bringing us more delightful pop punk that they’ve always been known for. From first listen Run Kid Run will join those ranks.

“We’ve Only Just Begun” breaks out of the gates and brings us a poppy upbeat punk track. The vocal combo is incredible. I really enjoy the vocals on this album. David leads the way with his higher pitch and forceful voice and the backup’s are precisely placed and spendidly harmonized.

“Move On” really highlights the difference in David’s voice compared to others in this style of music. It’s a bit deeper in this song, but there’s just something about his voice that adds to my enjoyment of this record.

“Wake Up, Get Up” brings a more serious side of RKR. I was impressed to see T&N signing a band who has some explicitly Christian lyrics. This song is reminding us of our “calling of another life”. Great tune, great words! “The Modern March” is another track, complete with piano, which brings a serious praise vibe. Awesome lyrics!

“I’ll Forever Sing” ends the album on a strong note with yet another upbeat poppy track, yet again solidified by it’s great lyrics.

Standout Tracks:

“We’ve Only Just Begun”, “Wake Up, Get Up”, “Modern March”

Overall Rating: I enjoy this track more than most of the recent Tooth & Nail releases that I can remember. It takes me back to the years when all I listened to was pop punk and Tooth & Nail dominated my disc players. I wish the best to this band and they surely will have my support!

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: A simple, yet meaningful package. Glad to have all of the lyrics, especially for this cd.

Lyrics: Highlight of the album for me. I hope we see more releases like this from Tooth & Nail! Great stuff!

Marketability: Obviously, Tooth & Nail, draws plenty of attention just from the name but RKR would do well standing on their own. They have released what might be one of my top releases this year. Catchy pop-punk at the top of it’s game!

Production: No complaints at all.

Vocals: Like I said above I think the vocals are extremely well put together on this album. David’s lead is incredible. He reminds me again of the days of old with Ace Troubleshooter, MxPx, and Hangnail (amongst many others).

Similar To: Cartel, Anberlin, Side Walk Slam

Tooth & Nail


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