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Rodinia - Year of the Liar EP

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Artist: Rodinia
Album: Year of the Liar EP
Label: None (released independently)
Release Date: September 10, 2007
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Bad Habits Don’t Die Easy
2. Sound the Alarms
3. Honestly I’m Lying
4. Year of the Liar
5. [Untitled Instrumental]

At ages 18 and 17, this Virginia Beach five piece would normally be written off by most concert-goers before they even began to play. But this is the fault of the audience, because they would soon be won back when Rodinia ripped into their sonic display of sound and energy called music. It’s three parts Saosin, one part Beloved (US). High-powered melodies crash together with a high tenor to create lush and driving alternative rock with strong post-hardcore influences coming to fruition on usually heavy drumming and occasional breakdowns with hardcore vocals. It’s normally pretty catchy and the dual vocal harmonies blend well together. The instrumental brings in a piano to replace the vocals, preventing any potential thought about a lack of variety. The artwork is great, especially for an independent release coming from such a young band. While the sound is overall pretty good, especially in regards to vocal clarity, my main complaint with this EP is in the production. The bass gets lost in the mix, and the drums could also use much more prominence, not to mention the tinny noise that is ever-present in the background throughout the album (I think it’s a poorly-recorded cymbal). However, these are only minor flaws that will probably not be noticed by anyone listening with an iPod anyway, so it’s not a big deal. Rodinia’s Year of the Liar EP is focused and deliberate emo-rock, with obvious potential for the future.



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